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How to Stay Safe While on the Road with a 15 Passenger Van

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32 passenger bus for sale

Drivers operating 15-passenger vans need to have a commercial driver’s license before they can hit the road — true or false? As strange as it sounds, this bit of information is actually false. As long as you’re not transporting any more than 15 passengers (including yourself) in a large passenger bus or van, you won’t need to obtain your CDL. But that doesn’t mean just anyone can drive one of those large machines.

It’s become common knowledge that passenger vans and buses have high rollover rates, and Georgia’ Department of Administrative Services recently released a report detailing all the safety risks inherent in the design of the vehicles that can cause these accidents. Based on that, we’ve put togeth

How Long Will Your Hybrid Car Battery Really Last?

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Honda civic hybrid battery replacement cost

As frustrating as it is to say aloud, batteries are made to be changed. While it’s not that big a deal when it comes to the pair of AA batteries it takes to power your TV remote, it’s a bit more of an issue to change a car battery, especially a hybrid battery — and it’s about 400 times more expensive. That’s if you peg a pack of Duracells at $10; the cost of batteries for hybrid cars tends to be near $4,000 at the dealership (though they’re typically cheaper through third-party retailers).

Drivers keep purchasing hybrid cars in part because they’re charmed by the advanced fuel economy and higher MPG those particular automobiles can offer. And it’s true. The Toyota Prius, the current best-selling car in Ca