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Is Your Car Dehydrated? Check These Fluids

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Rebuilt transmissions prices

Car maintenance is tough. Forget thinking about transmission repair services and tire blow outs – even simple things like the kinds fluid your car requires can be really complicated. The bureau of labor statistics says that there are more than 700,000 auto mechanics in the United States. That means that if you asked around, you could possiby get 700,000 different prognosis for your ailing car. So what are some no brainer problems you should try to avoid?

Contaminated Brake Fluid
Surveys have shown that about 18% of cars have low or contaminated brake fluid. If you aren’t your car to perform appropriately and stop when you need it to, brake fluid is of the essence.

Contaminated Power Steering Fluid
A long, long time ago before auto transmissions and power

Sinto Center Celebrating Trains, Planes and Automobiles This Memorial Day Weekend

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Cobra kit

There will be a celebration of the “Empire Builder,” Jim Hill, and the history of the railroad in the northwest on Memorial Day weekend at Heritage Funeral Home.

Bring your own chairs to enjoy musical entertainment at the Cross of Inspiration on Greenwood Memorial Terrace Sun., April 24.

River City Modelers will be putting together a railroad layout, and there will also be displays of railroad memorabilia to peruse. Jim Hill headed the Great Northern Railway, which served the northern Midwest, the Great Plains and the Pacific Northwest. He earned his nickname due to both the size of the region covered by his railroads and the enormous economic influence he had not only in that region, but the entire country.

Railroads aren’t the only mode of transportation that will be featured, either, so