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So You Want to Build Your Own Custom Roadster

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Custom roadster

To state the obvious, cars are an important and functional aspect to daily life. For most of the world, cars are considered a means to an end, providing us transportation to work, social obligations, and beyond. But to some, cars are a way of life, a hobby, and an artform.
Auto enthusiasts express their passion for cars in a number of ways. Many visit car shows and follow blogs, keeping up to date on all the latest automotive trends. Those with a little more money to spend collect cars based on model, edition and other similar attributes. But some like to get crafty with it, and utilize their knowledge of cars to go a step further and build their own custom roadster. Assembling your own car takes a lot of time, investment, and skills. Having a proper education on mechanics and engineering helps, but

Tips and Tricks for Saving Money on Limousine Rental

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Limo service fresno

When people think of limos, they tend to think of fancy events and wealthy individuals. What many people don’t realize is that there are plenty of affordable limo rental services out there that you can use for any kind of fun occasion, from weddings to birthdays to anniversaries.

Limousine rental is also a common trend amongst businessmen and women — research shows that an estimated 50% of all limousine service is provided to corporate customers and business workers throughout the week. Having a limo come to pick up a potential client is a very classy way to show your client that your company values their business.
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Buying a Used Car? Don’t Forget to Take These 3 Steps

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One owner vehicles tacoma

Choosing to purchase a used vehicle can be a great decision. With used cars, you get a great value on a car that is built to last for many years to come.

In fact, a recent Consumer Reports analysis found that today’s five-year-old cars have one third fewer problems, on average, than five-year-old cars in 2007. That’s a testament to the higher quality and durability of used cars found on the market today.

However, even the cars that you perceive to be the safest used cars can have problems — and knowing how to detect these problems is vital. Here are the three steps every individual should take before making the down payment on any used car:

Have the car inspected by a certified mechanic