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Are You Worried About the Safety of the Drivers in Your Family?

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Interlock az

Your son is holding on to has life by the thinnest of threads.
After a horrible start to the beginning of the New Year, you can only hope that the one small thread can sustain the weight of all that is going on in the life of your 29-year old son. After a drinking problem that escalated over the holidays, you now find out that your youngest son?s wife has filed for divorce.
Like you, your daughter-in-law is at a loss for what to do next. Everyone involved thought that the precautions you had in place would provide some solutions. You installed a car breathalyzer in each of the vehicles your son could possibly think about driving, you emptied the house of all of the alcohol, and you have been making sure that the entire family is in counseling. Although you knew that the process of sobering up would be d

5 Tips for Generating More Auto Financing Leads

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Used car leads

Every year, interest in auto financing generate $98 billion in revenue. The interest rates on car loans is lower than for other lending. It averages about 4.16%. At least 74% of all car buyers rely on financing to help them buy a new or used car. If you run a car dealership, you may be interested in generating new auto finance leads. These tips should help you do that.

  1. You have to include information in detail about your auto loans on your website. Your website should be professionally written and have all of the information that people need. You will increase your auto finance leads by having a website that would be car buyers can use as a resource. When your website is useful for your visitor

Top Five Tips For Buying The Used Car You’ve Always Wanted

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Used dodge cars for sale

Thinking of getting a used car? You’ll want to buy smart. Whether you’re curious about used Mercedes Benz cars for sale or simply want to consider the benefits of used luxury vehicles, the best purchase is one that sees you saving even as you’re spending on loans, gas and repairs. More Americans than ever are seeing the positives in used cars for sale, circumventing the flashy and expensive models in favor of slightly older versions that offer the same ongoing value. Not too sure where to get started? Glance at the top five list below before you visit your local used car dealer.

A Smart Decision

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The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Bedliner Spray Gun

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Spray gun for bedliner

If you own a truck, you know how important it is to protect your truck bed. There are a few ways you can do this. The two most prevalent ways are with drop in bedliners and spray on bedliners that are applied with a bedliner spray gun.

Most truck owners will tell you that the spray on truck liners offer protection that is infinitely better than the drop in bedliners. The fit that you can achieve with spray on bediners is much better. There is no daylight between the liner and the truck bed. The space that exists between the bedliner and the truck bed in the drop in variety can allow dust, dirt and other debris in that can cause a lot of damage to the truck bed, which is exactly wha

Maintaining Your Car Will Help It Last Longer

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Used tires

Taking care of your automobile just makes good sense. Sure, you can save money by skipping maintenance, but you are likely to pay for it in the long run. Research has shown that neglecting vehicles costs the U.S. economy more than $2 billion a year. Here are some of the most important maintenance tasks that will help keep your vehicle on the road and out of the shop.

One of the most important maintenance items is taking care of your tires. Tires that are overly worn or improperly inflated can reduce your gas mileage and also present a safety hazard. Experts recommend having your tire alignment checked every 6,000 miles or so, or about every time you get your oil changed. You also should have your tires

A Brief History of Corvettes

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Classic corvette buyers

Are you looking to buy or sell your Corvette? There are classic Corvette dealers that can assist you with this process. They will also be able to help you with finding Classic Corvette buyers when you are ready to say, “Yes, I want to sell my Corvette.”

There have been over 1.5 million Corvettes produced since June 30, 1953. The 500,000 mark was reached in 1977, and the million mark in 1992. By 2009, there were 1.5 million Corvettes in existence.

These classic cars have been produced in different locations since their inception, which put those locations on the map. The

Three Things To Look Out For When Buying A Car

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Used cars for sale in tacoma

Buying your first car is intimidating. After all, it’s quite a commitment. You’re not only putting down a good amount of money — you’re also, in most cases, committing to regular payments that will become a part of how you budget your lifestyle. For that matter, the car that you buy today will likely be the car that you drive for years to come. Many think that newer is always better. This may be the case in some circumstances, but it is not when it comes to your car. Your car is better pre-owned than brand new. Think about it this way: when a brand new car is sold, it is immediately be subject to what is probably daily use, the natural wear and tear that occurs in the interior, and potential damage. Essentially, a new car begins losing value as soon as it leaves the lot. Continue Reading No Comments

Taxis, Limousines And Party Buses The Best Options For Your Travel Experience

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Limousine service

Thinking of how to throw your next great party or smart business venture? You’ll want to keep reading. Affordable and environmentally supportive travel options are becoming the next big thing and it’s not hard to see why — with plane ticket prices growing higher and gas prices nearly blowing through the roof, more and more people are seeking out ways to travel cheaply and in style. There are some common misconceptions about some travel options, though, and this can get in the way of your ability to comfortably (and affordably!) travel from place to place. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning limousines, party buses and taxis.

What Are Common Travel Options?

Let’s start off with the most common transportation options, which doesn’t necessarily mean the

Use a Bedliner Spray Gun to Get the Job Done

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Vinyl cut tape

What kind of truck are you driving? Or, are you planning to buy a new truck in the near future? If so, were you aware that in August 2015, pick-up truck sales increased 8%? Interesting to note is that California has the largest number of pickup trucks on the road. When compared with all other motor vehicles, 24% of California’s vehicles are pickup trucks.

If you know your trucks, then you’re no doubt aware that the Ford F-150 has maintained its popularity since 1982. In fact, in the United States, it’s considered to be the best-selling vehicle.

In 2013, full-size pickup trucks accounted for every eighth new vehicle sold. Approximately 90% of these were manufactured by the following companies:

    General Motors

In 2012 alone, there were 1.6 million pick

How to Effectively Protect Your Truck to Make it Last a Long Time

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Cut tape

If you have a truck then you need to be conscious of how you take care of it. Trucks can get a lot more beat up than cars because they are used for a lot more than just driving. Between the hauling and the towing, a truck is in for a rough life, sometimes. However, there are certain measures you can take to protect your truck and prolong the paint life and interior. Here are a few tips for making sure your truck stays nice through the years.

Spray On Bedliners
Spray on bedliners go exactly where the name suggests; the bed of the truck. Most truck beds are painted with the same paint as the rest of the truck. However, the bed is what receives the most abuse and gets damaged