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Looking To Purchase an ATV? You Should Keep These 3 Things In Mind

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quadbikeIf you’re looking to have alternative modes of transportation that are as fun as they are awesome, then look no further than ATVs. ATVs, also known as 4 wheelers for their tendency to have four wheels, are one of the most common types of alternative transportation purchased in the U.S. today. They have a variety of uses in hunting, off-roading, and exploration.

But before you head off to your local Honda ATV dealer, you should put time into thinking long and hard about which ATV is really right for your needs.

So before your choose a quadbike, consider these three factors:

The Ages of The Riders
You should think about the age of the primary rider as well as the ages of anyone else who will be riding the vehicle. Quadbikes come in all shapes, sizes, and makes, and it is important to find the right one for the rider. If the rider is young, then consider getting a smaller model instead. There are several youth-sized ATVs available on the market for children as young as six.

You should also consider buying a cheaper model for younger riders, who might not need a ton of power at the start. You can upgrade for power and performance later down the line if need be.

Think About Terrain
In addition to thinking about the rider, you should think about where they will be taking your new ATV. Will it be hard-packed trails, fields, mud, sand, or steep hills? There are a variety of quadbikes to choose from, so talk to your local ATV dealer about the best choice for your terrain.

If you’re just going to be riding on regular trails and fields, then purchasing a simple two-wheel vehicle like a motorbike might be a better option. Likewise, golf carts may be best for paved roads and trimmed grass.

What Is Your Budget?
Consider how much you are willing to spend on a quadbike. There are ATV options that suit any pocketbook, and it is important to do research on the features available for your price range. You want to find the vehicle that suits your needs, budget, and expectations. The costs can be anywhere between $4,000 and $8,500, depending on the power, speed, and size of the machine.

If you’re looking to purchase a powerful machine for the outdoors, then a quadbike is the one for you. But you should make sure you keep these points in mind when you start looking around for the right ATV. You might find what you need is more expensive or more powerful than what you initially expected.

What Parents Can Teach Their Teenagers About Car Maintenance

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Synthetic motor oil

Handing over the car keys to your teenager for the first time can be nerve-wracking. You have taught them how to drive and now it is their job to implement everything they have learned. But this does not mean your job is done. In addition to teaching your child to operate a car safely and responsibly, you should also teach them the basics of car maintenance. This way, they can be prepared to address the mechanical issues that will inevitably arise on the road.

This guide will serve as your maintenance teaching checklist for your child.

Car Fluids

It’s easy to get in the habit of dropping your car off at the mechanic and not really understanding why it needs certain fluids. This is an opportunity for you to refresh your fluid knowledge and spread this information to your teen driver. As

What You Should Do if You Want to Buy a Car But Have Bad Credit

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bad credit car dealerIf you have bad credit, you may fear that you won’t be eligible for making major purchases throughout your adult life. In fact, if you have a credit score that is under 629, that puts you in the category of having low credit. To be able to buy a home, rent an apartment, and to even get approved for another credit card, you have to have decent credit. One of your major worries may be that you won’t be able to buy a good car. However, that doesn’t have to be the case.

When looking for new or used cars, there’s a chance you may apply for a loan. Your credit score determines how much interest you will have to pay on your car loan. The lower the score, the higher the interest. Even though this might be worrisome, you can still buy a pretty decent car even with the low number. Let’s take a look at some things you can do.

Improve Your Credit Score
If you have a little time before you absolutely need to make the car purchase, you can work to strengthen your credit score. Doing this will help so that you don’t have to pay a lot in interest. Take a look at your credit report, as there may be a chance of mistakes. If you do find mistakes on your credit report, you can take the actions to fix them, but try and wait 30 days to report the issues before beginning your shopping. Other things you can do to improve your score is pay off old debt and handling old collections issues. Doing these things will improve your score, thus making your loan interest rate a little lower than it would have been.

Consider Pre-Approval
If you’re in a credit pinch and see no way of being able to fix your score prior to looking into auto sales, talk to your bank about applying for pre-approval. The pre-approval will analyze your income, credit score, and expenses, and provide you with a letter to bring to the car dealership. If looking for a used vehicle, this letter will let the used car dealer know that you are good to shop for better approval.

Work with a Bad Credit Car Dealer
There are used car dealerships out there that help individuals with bad credit. The bad credit car dealer will see what they can do with the type of low credit loan you have. The Autotrader’s Car Buyer of the Future did a study that said 84% of consumers would rather buy a car in person. Going to a bad credit car dealership in person will help you physically see what is out there and will allow for you to make a personal connection to the used auto dealer.

Just because you have bad credit doesn’t mean it’s impossible to purchase a car. Follow the steps above to be able to see what cars are available to you for your situation.

Windshield Replacement A Few Points to Consider

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Windshield replacement tucson arizona

Does your windshield have a few pits or small cracks? Have you been suspecting that the last time you had a windshield replacement that it was poorly done? If you’re not sure when to replace your windshield, you may be interested in the following windshield replacement tips.

Windshields and Structural Integrity

Were you aware that your car’s windshield provides structural integrity? If someone is in a head-on collision, for example, 45% of the cabin’s structural integrity relies on that windshield being able to withstand the force of the collision. Furthermore, if a car is involved in a rollover crash, 60% of the cabin’s structural integrity depends on that windshield.

Tempered Automobile Glass

In 2015, there was a high demand for tempered glass. This is becau

Are You in the Market for a New Car for Your Family?

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You spend the weekend comparing Ram trucks to other possible purchases that you are considering. From Dodge cars to Ram trucks you have climbed in and out of both new and used models, taken test drives to and from various other popular areas in the city, and calculating the financing options for each of the possible purchases. Finding the right vehicle to be the fourth car in your family is important. Two of the cars that you have are already paid in full and have quite a few miles on them, but the third car that you have is new and you are still making pay

Are You Looking for a Good Local Auto Mechanic?

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Transmission service canton

Owning a car takes careful attention to detail. From making sure that you get the oil changed every 3500 miles to making sure that you have the tires regularly rotated, the best car and truck owners follow the car manufacturer guidelines. On used cars, it is even more important to make sure that you follow standard maintenance tops. Finding local transmission repair shops is especially important if you have an older car that already has a lot of miles.
Cost of Transmission Repair Shops Near Me
It is important to make sure that you work with a transmission repair shop that is close to home. With a nearby location, for instance, you are able to get your car or truc

Planning to Purchase Your First Car? A Few Tips on Auto Maintenance and Repairs

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Storage units barboursville wv

Whether you’re planning to purchase your first or second car, you may already know which auto body shop you’ll go to for regular maintenance and repairs. Just in case this is your very first car, you may want to know a few pointers about maintenance, repairs, and the used-car market.

Auto Maintenance

In order to keep your car running well, it needs to have regular routine maintenance. Part of this involves having your alignment checked every 6,000 miles, according to the experts. You can also have your tire alignment checked when you have your oil changed.

Brakes generally last between 25,000 to 50,000 miles. Since much depends on how often you drive, as wel

When Buying a Family Car, Think Ahead to the Places You’ll Go

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Chrysler dealer ames

If you’re planning a family road trip in the near future, there are a few things you’ll want to know. First, family cars make the best road trip vehicles. Secondly, clever planning will take you far. What does this really mean? Read below for your ultimate guide on embarking on a family road trip, from start to finish.

The First Step Begins Before Deciding to Take a Vacation: Choosing Family Cars.

It might sound a bit crazy to think about the trips you plan to take while browsing family cars at the car dealerships. It actually makes sense, especially when browsing kid friendly cars

Finding The Best Car For Your Furry Friend

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Family car

When shopping for a new or used car, one of the first things that families look for is space. Especially when you have a large family it’s important that you make sure you have room for groceries, camping equipment, sports or dance equipment, and of course your legs. SUVs are great for large families in particular. The 2016 GMC Arcadia, for instance, was named by as one of the top 10 best cars for large families.

However, while new car shoppers often have an idea of what to look for in a new

What to Look For When Car Shopping

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Car safety

So it’s time to go car shopping and you want to be sure that you’re picking the right car or picking the right truck for your needs. Whether you’re in the market for family vehicles, your kid’s first car, or you just need an upgrade, you want to focus in on a few key items, like car safety, reliability, fuel efficiency, and comfort. If you live in a snowy area, for example, you may be looking for vehicles with four wheel drive for extra traction; if you have a long commute, fuel efficiency might be your top priority. Knowing what your needs are and what you want out of a car can help narrow down your op