5 Types of Events a Small Charter Bus Makes Better

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When you think of charter bus services, you may be thinking of a motor coach carrying 50 passengers or more. But small charter buses can seat between 18 and 35 people, perfect for medium-sized groups and shorter-distance travel. Plus, they’re surprisingly affordable, since you’ll save on fuel costs. Here are five types of events for which you might consider small charter buses:

  1. Field Trips

    Small schools that don’t need their own buses might consider chartering for field trips. Smaller coaches are the ideal size for a single class plus chaperones, and the luxurious form of travel might get even the most unenthusiastic student excited about the trip.

  2. Family E

Reinventing Travel The Tales of a Charter Bus

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Pop Quiz! Anybody know where the word “bus” comes from? Anybody?(Hint: If you’ve taken Latin in high school, you should definitely know the answer.)

For everybody who hasn’t Googled the answer yet– “bus” comes from the Latin word “omnibus,” meaning “for all.” You probably usually see buses used for schools and traveling companies, but buses are, quite literally, intended to be a method of transport for everyone. So why don’t more people use them? Here are five reasons to start:

1. Safety If you’re traveling on the road, government data shows that charter buses are the safest vehicles in which to travel. If you need some proof for this claim, simply consider that, for decades, schools have used buses to transport children every day. And safety measures on charter bus lines will o

Charter Bus Perfect for any Traveler

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Chartering a bus for a fun day out has a long tradition in this country. Horse drawn buses were in use as early as the 1820s. As the horse has been replaced by the automobile the chartered bus industry has evolved.

A charter bus is not just about a fun night on the town. A variety of groups and organizations can easily use to get to your events. Charter buses provide the peace of mind of not having to worry about the weather finding a perfect parking spot.

Charter buses usually include a number of amenities designed to keep people comfortable. The amenities can include air conditioning entertainment systems restrooms and reclining seating. Charter buses are perfect for companies who are traveling to a conference as they come equi