Traveling in a Group? Here are Three Reasons to Try Chartering a Coach Bus

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Chartered bus services

School field trips, church group getaways, senior home travel, and corporate outings can be an exciting time for everyone involved, but unreliable transportation could put a damper on that day. Additionally, having everyone pile into separate vehicles for a gathering puts individuals at risk and could hold up the day’s schedule if everyone arrives at different times to the destination. No matter which type of outing is being planned, it’s nice to have a reliable option that keeps everyone together, such as a coach bus — also known as a charter bus service.

In the debate between charter vs. carpool, renting a charter bus ends up being a far more viable option for large group travel. If you’re planning a group trip for school, work, or another group, here are just a few benefits that chartering a co

How Much Do You Know About the Bus?

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Chartered bus companies

Many Americans rely on buses every day for transportation, but few people really take the time to find out more about these vehicles. How much do you really know about buses? Test your knowledge with these fun facts:

  • The word “bus” comes from the Latin word “omnibus,” which means “for all.” Over time, “omnibus” became shortened — although its original form seems to be more applicable for its purpose.
  • Yellow school buses are widely recognized today, and it’s hard to imagine a time when they didn’t exist. But they actually aren’t very old at all; the first yellow school bus appeared in 1939.
  • Charter bus services are becoming more popular around the world, and they are used t