Paintless Dent Removal VS Traditional Dent Removal

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Vehicular accidents happen, both small and large, on a daily basis. Even the weather itself, like hail, can cause some unwanted damage almost always leaving dings and dents. If your car is not totaled and, hopefully, you get to drive away without any major damage, chances are your car will have a dent. It can be an ugly and unsightly blemish on your car, only made worse if it is brand new or you just drove it away from the car dealership. Thankfully, there are some methods to fixing those unsightly valleys and hills on your vehicle.

What is paintless dent removal? Paintless dent removal or paintless dent repair, known by its acronym ‘PDR,’ is a method in which a special tool is used to slowly and carefully push the dents on your vehicle. This method is known for its eco-friendly practice and, most importantly, its cost efficient way of repairing your vehicle back to its former self. Typically, it can take up t