3 Wise Reasons to Touch up Your Vehicle’s Paint

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In 1931, Porsche began manufacturing high performance automobiles. Since this time, the Porsche brand continues to remain synonymous with top of the line vehicles. Popular vehicles manufactured by Porsche include the Macan, Cayenne, and 718 Boxster. Regardless of which Porsche vehicle you drive, it’s important to keep your automobile’s paint protected. While dealing with paint damage, you’ll have two main options for fixing this problem. These options are either visiting a body shop or repairing vehicle paint on your own. Here are three major benefits associated with using Porsche touch up paint.

  1. Saving Immense Amounts of Money

    Many people purchase auto touch up paint kits in order to save money. Experts estimate that repairing deep paint scratches costs anywhere from $300 to $3,000. The amount you’ll pay depends on the extent of your Porsche’s paint damage. Taking your vehicle to a body shop often means paying for labor and other types of fees. If yo

Using DIY Auto Touch Up Kits to Preserve Your Car’s Paint Job

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Small nicks and scratches on the surface of your car’s paint job don’t just look unsightly. They can also open the way to greater damage if rust gets a foothold and begins to spread under the paint. It can be expensive to take your car to the repair shop just to fix those scratches, but there is some good news. You can get a do-it-yourself vehicle touch up paint kit and do the job yourself. Many manufacturers can even help you match the exact color of your car by make and model. So if you happen to be the proud owner of a vintage 1972 model, you can buy a Chevrolet touch up paint kit by the year and model of your car and be sure of getting the right shade.

How paint scratches and nicks happen
Your car’s paint job can pick up nicks and scratches in many different ways. Tree branches, other car doors in tight parking lot spaces, gravel and small rocks on the road – all of