The Future of Hybrid Vehicle Technology is Now

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Hybrid vehicles

The future has always captivated the minds and imaginations of mankind since the dawn of time. This fascination with what’s in store still lingers today, especially as technology continues to evolve at blinding speeds. As such, it’s hard to imagine that there was a time in which man thought it was impossible to walk on the moon, let alone fly in the air!

In reality, however, the future is already here in many ways. This is perhaps most readily seen in hybrid vehicles. Similar to the wonder that surrounded the first moon walk, the possibility of hybrid vehicles was at one time considered impossible. In fact, even the idea of a car that wasn’t powered by gasoline seemed like a futuristic oddity out of a science fiction book.

Now, the uncertain future of hybrid vehicle technology is here and is thrivin

Why Hybrid Car Battery Problems May Change the Industry Forever

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Hybrid fuel economy

Though life in 2014 isn’t quite as folks in the 20th century probably thought it would be (The Jetsons, anyone?), we’re still leaps and bounds ahead of where we were when we made those particular predictions. We might not have flying automobiles, but we’re doing pretty well with electric cars so far, even having the luxury of choice. A common question among hybrid buyers is: What cars have the best MPG? Dealers have long had conflicting answers, and that’s what’s made the market so interesting to watch.

Plus, if the latest reports are any indication, the electric car market is still heating up. Statistic Brain has the number of hybrid vehicles sold in 2012 pegged at over 2,100,000 — and that’s just in the United States alone.

In keeping with the growth, Honda recently announced plans to expand

How to Choose a Car That Is Easier on Your Wallet and the Environment

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Hybrid car batteries

Hybrid vehicles are unique in the automotive world. They are certainly not like your traditional car, which requires gasoline to run, nor are they like electric vehicles that need to be plugged in to gather and store energy. Hybrids are somewhere in the middle, using gasoline primarily, but then also using that energy to keep an internal battery charged, and switching occasionally to that electric power to both reduce harmful emissions, and also to conserve gasoline.

A hybrid requires less gasoline in order to run, and therefore is an attractive option for anyone that finds each visit to the pump to be a painful experience. Add to that benefit that some vehicles come with tax incentives in the U.S., worth upwards of $3,000. Purchasing a hybrid is a great choice financially, and for the environment, but i