Three Subaru Car Safety Features That Are Sure to Get Your Engines Running

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Subaru cars are one of the most popular foreign imports in the United States today. Subaru dealerships across the country can’t seem to sell their cars fast enough. Ever since Subaru of America was established in 1968, Americans have jumped on the opportunity in buying or leasing Subaru Legacies, Imprezas, and Outbacks among many other models. One reason why Subarus are in such high demand is because of its impeccable car safety features. What exactly do they entail? To better illustrate how stellar Subaru’s car safety features are, here are three prominent ones that make driving a Subaru all the more ensuring.

  1. Vehicle Dynamics Control: Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) i

Three Helpful Hints for Any Online Shoppers Looking at Used Cars

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Buying a used car online can be a great choice and an even better investment — not only are used cars significantly cheaper than new cars these days, but with so many leased cars now being returned to local car dealers, these lots are flooded with used cars that need to be sold (and consumers definitely have the advantage here, with more choices and lower prices). Since you probably already did some research online about what to look for in a used car, it just makes sense to look for cars that you can actually purchase online, too. If you don’t have time to shop aroun

Is It Time to Buy a New Car? Three Tips for Getting a Great Deal

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Each year, according to New York Daily News, more than 15 million used and new car sales are carried out in the United States. The popularity of owning our vehicles is nothing new. Since Henry Ford revolutionized the production process and started the Age of the Automobile, cars have just been in our blood.

Whether you’re looking at Nissan car specials or you’re looking for your first car from used car dealers, buying a car is going to cost you a pretty penny. However, even with that being said, if you learn how to navigate the often tricky w