Vehicle Transport To DIY, or Not to DIY?

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How much to ship a car

You have a big move coming up. You scored a great new job in Colorado, but if you have more than one car, or a boat, a motorcycle, or an RV, you’re going to have to quickly figure out how to get those vehicles out of New York and to your new home. Vehicle transport isn’t exactly rocket science, right? Why not just do it yourself?

The disadvantages of DIY vehicle transport.

  • Unexpected Costs
  • Do you have all the right trailers, hitches, and equipment necessary to secure a boat or motorcycle for a long drive? Do you have the funds to cover thousands of dollars in gas, food, lodging, and miscellaneous expenses over the course of the trip? More importantly, do you really have the time to drive across multiple states, several times?

  • Unfamiliar Hazards
  • Driving on unf