What Are the Sports That Your Family Likes Most When You Vacation?

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You have spent your time living from one small paycheck to another paycheck. Time eating at home, instead of at upscale restaurants. Times when you drove a used car that spent more time in the shop than on the road.
Today, however, you are enjoying a different kind of life. In fact, the local power sport dealers all know you by first name. In fact, your wife jokes that the new Can Am Spyder dealer in town has you on speed dial! The fact that you already have two different Can Am Spyder dealers have each sold you a model makes the new guy think that he should have a chance as well.
On the land and on the water, you are living the kind of life that you could have only dreamed of back in those college days. With three kids of your own, you want them to value the money that they earn themselves, but y