Why a Snow Pusher Is the Best Option

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Cold weather can be costly. A report by the Insurance Information Institute listed overall losses from winter-related disasters at over $3.7 billion for 2014, and $1.4 billion of those losses were uninsured. Ouch! In addition, Accuweather noted that private snow removal services cost New York City over $11 million in 2011. This rose to over $130 million in 2014, while Canada spends over $1 billion per year on it. Snow impacted more than 60% of the contiguous United States in March 2015, according to NOAA’s National Snow Analysis. More than 100,000 jobs related to maintaining and plowing roads were in existence as of May 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.While that might be good news for snow removal contractors, it also means that specialists need the latest and best tools to satisfy

What Homer Simpson Can Teach You About Snow Plows

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Snow and sleet are not just inconveniences. To the many U.S. residents who live far north, harsh winter weather can be costly. It accounted for 15% of insured automotive, home, and even business damages in 2014. So what can the infamous Homer Simpson teach you about snow plows, also known as a sno pusher?

First of all, as you may have guessed, not just anyone can attach an sno pusher to a big truck and call themselves Mr. Plow. There are certifications and special training, of course, because there is an element of danger when large amounts of snow and ice are involved.

The classic V-shaped angled snow pusher most people think of when they think of a snow plow or sno pusher, specializes in clearing snow off of sidewalks. A Continue Reading No Comments