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Why Hybrid Car Battery Problems May Change the Industry Forever

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Hybrid fuel economy

Though life in 2014 isn’t quite as folks in the 20th century probably thought it would be (The Jetsons, anyone?), we’re still leaps and bounds ahead of where we were when we made those particular predictions. We might not have flying automobiles, but we’re doing pretty well with electric cars so far, even having the luxury of choice. A common question among hybrid buyers is: What cars have the best MPG? Dealers have long had conflicting answers, and that’s what’s made the market so interesting to watch.

Plus, if the latest reports are any indication, the electric car market is still heating up. Statistic Brain has the number of hybrid vehicles sold in 2012 pegged at over 2,100,000 — and that’s just in the United States alone.

In keeping with the growth, Honda recently announced plans to expand

Getting Auto Auction Software Integrated

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Online auto auction software

Looking to expand your buyer base for your automobile auctions? By integrating online auto auction software, you can easily expand your reach and sales of autos without buyers having to travel to your location. Whether you have been relying on in person events for auction sales or investigating car auction software, it makes sense to look at the various features and find the best solution for your business.

Overall, the biggest benefit of any car auction software is the ability to engage buyers that are able to follow along online. As you research the various guidelines and features of online auto au