Are Shrinking Airplane Seats Really Killing Us?

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Nonwoven fabric

If it seems like airplane seats are getting smaller, it’s not your imagination. They are. The most common measurement of airplane seats is pitch– the distance from any point in one seat to the exact same point in the seat next to it. The average pitch on airplane seats in the 1970s was 35 inches, to 32-33 inches in the 1990s, and now to as little as 31 inches on some planes. Before you cancel your next vacation, here a few reasons that narrowing seat pitch isn’t all bad news:

  1. Seating technology has been streamlined.
    On modern planes, industrial textile manufacturers have developed seating suspension systems that cut down on extra bulk without ruining safety and comfort. Old airline seats required a bulky metal pan that was masked with layers of foam and heavy Continue Reading No Comments