So You Want to Build Your Own Custom Roadster

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Custom roadster

To state the obvious, cars are an important and functional aspect to daily life. For most of the world, cars are considered a means to an end, providing us transportation to work, social obligations, and beyond. But to some, cars are a way of life, a hobby, and an artform.
Auto enthusiasts express their passion for cars in a number of ways. Many visit car shows and follow blogs, keeping up to date on all the latest automotive trends. Those with a little more money to spend collect cars based on model, edition and other similar attributes. But some like to get crafty with it, and utilize their knowledge of cars to go a step further and build their own custom roadster. Assembling your own car takes a lot of time, investment, and skills. Having a proper education on mechanics and engineering helps, but

The AC Cobra A Tale of Prestige, Speed, and Taylor Swift

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Shelby cobra kit

Performance driving vehicle enthusiasts probably know the Shelby Cobra by name, and the unknowing civilian is likely to have seen it in movies, music videos, or zipping down the highway. The shelby cobra is a coveted, zippy little muscle car, desired for its sleek design and unique features.
Here’s everything you need to know about the Shelby Cobra, plus a few interesting and fun facts:

  • The Shelby Cobra, also known as the AC cobra, is an American engined British sports car. The car is named after Carroll Shelby, a famous American automotive designer. Shelby collaborated with AC and Ford to build a car that competed with Chevrolet’s Corvette. In 1962, Continue Reading No Comments