Getting Your Vehicle Transported Safely and On Time

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Whether you are moving cross country or have purchased a car from another elsewhere, understanding car transport services can insure that you get your vehicle safely to its destination. With an estimated 15 million vehicles sold online annually, it is safe to assume that more than a fraction had to have vehicle transport services.

To get a jump start on the auto transporting process, you should do some preliminary research to determine the best path forward. For example, the dealer or mechanic can help you prepare your car for the trip. In most instances, that might only require some minor maintenance services, but you need to determine if there are issues with your car. It may have been a very short lived exp

How to Avoid a Scam Three Tips for Finding a Good Car Shipping Company

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Car shipping

In 2013, the registration of used commercial vehicles rose by 7.8%. According to the Wall Street Journal, sales for all vehicles purchased online are up 16.5% since the past year, and that number continues to grow as more people find online sites and auctions to be a suitable alternative to dealerships.

Buying cars online can be a great way to get good value for less money. However, many people only consider the second half of the equation after they’ve already clicked buy; how are you going to get that car from its location, to you? In most cases, you’re going to contact car transport services. Here are three common questions people have about this service, along with answers.

1. What Should I Expect From Car Shipping Quotes?

As you can probably imagine, your final shipping price is g