Looking To Purchase an ATV? You Should Keep These 3 Things In Mind

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quadbikeIf you’re looking to have alternative modes of transportation that are as fun as they are awesome, then look no further than ATVs. ATVs, also known as 4 wheelers for their tendency to have four wheels, are one of the most common types of alternative transportation purchased in the U.S. today. They have a variety of uses in hunting, off-roading, and exploration.

But before you head off to your local Honda ATV dealer, you should put time into thinking long and hard about which ATV is really right for your needs.

So before your choose a quadbike, consider these three factors:

The Ages of The Riders
You should think about the age of the primary rider as well as the ages of anyone else who will be riding the vehicle. Quadbikes come in all shapes, sizes, and makes, and it is important to find the right one for the rider. If the rider is young, then consider getting a smaller model instead. There are several youth-sized ATVs available on the market for children as young as six.

You should also consider buying a cheaper model for younger riders, who might not need a ton of power at the start. You can upgrade for power and performance later down the line if need be.

Think About Terrain
In addition to thinking about the rider, you should think about where they will be taking your new ATV. Will it be hard-packed trails, fields, mud, sand, or steep hills? There are a variety of quadbikes to choose from, so talk to your local ATV dealer about the best choice for your terrain.

If you’re just going to be riding on regular trails and fields, then purchasing a simple two-wheel vehicle like a motorbike might be a better option. Likewise, golf carts may be best for paved roads and trimmed grass.

What Is Your Budget?
Consider how much you are willing to spend on a quadbike. There are ATV options that suit any pocketbook, and it is important to do research on the features available for your price range. You want to find the vehicle that suits your needs, budget, and expectations. The costs can be anywhere between $4,000 and $8,500, depending on the power, speed, and size of the machine.

If you’re looking to purchase a powerful machine for the outdoors, then a quadbike is the one for you. But you should make sure you keep these points in mind when you start looking around for the right ATV. You might find what you need is more expensive or more powerful than what you initially expected.

Simple Tips and Tricks for Applying Wire Cut Tape to Your Vehicle

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wire trim tapeThere are approximately 252.6 million vehicles on the road today in the United States, and a large portion of them are used for business purposes. Whether they’re part of a fleet of vehicles or they’re used to advertise goods and services while out on sales calls, these cars, trucks, and SUVs tend to have one thing in common: they all need to feature logos, images, and other information about the type of business they’re in.

One of the main wrapping techniques is the wire trim method. Wire trim tape is a type of edge cutting tape and works great for any project. Furthermore, wire trim tape is user-friendly, and almost anyone can operate with it, but there are a few tips to help get the most out of your wire trim cutting project.

  • Because wire trim rolls are backward-wound, they can pose problems if they are wound incorrectly. Here are a few easy steps you can take to fix the problem:
    1. Lift up the end of the tape reel exactly one inch.
    2. Separate the liner from the double-sided tape to avoid confusion.
    3. Next, hold the liner all the way down the roll of the tape. It is very important that you do not let go of the liner or the tape.
    4. For the final step, roll the double-sided tape exactly one full rotation of the spool to adjust any winding issues with your wire tape.
  • After the tape is removed, there is often adhesive left behind. Try pulling the tape a littler stronger and at a slower pace to remove all adhesives.
  • Pay attention to the adhesiveness of your cut tape. Some types are designed to withstand hot and humid summer days; others are better for use during the cold months, so the tape can remain sticky throughout the season.

One of the advantages of working with wire trim tape is that it helps to apply graphics and vinyl wraps easily. These tapes don’t need the requisite six or more hours to dry, like coats of paint. Additionally, there’s no sanding needed in order to apply a wrap; compare that to sanding a truck bed down to the metal to apply spray on bedliners, as this requires 150-grit or less sandpaper.

Mercedes Benz Owner’s Guide to Maintenance

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Car partsMercedes Benz cars owners know the benefits that come with the investment of Mercedes cars. The Mercedes brand offers the highest quality of engineering, safety features, and reliability that makes it one of the most prestigious vehicles. But like other cars, a genuine Mercedes Benz needs the occasional check up to ensure all of its Mercedes Benz parts are working correctly. Here are a few key maintenance tips that will help keep your Mercedes Benz running at top performance.

Check the Fluids
Like any car, routine checks of your Mercedes’ fluids is vital for ensuring the longest life of your vehicle. Check your car’s oil, coolant and washer fluids once a week. Check other fluids such as your power steering, brake, and transmission fuel monthly. It’s important to use the fluids recommended in the Mercedes Benz service owner manual, particularly for breaks, transmission, and steering. Many Mercedes owners switched to synthetic oils, which are more efficient and run better with the Mercedes. Your car should follow a regular oil change schedule, with a switch once every 7,500 miles, or every six months. If you choose to stick with traditional oil, the oil should be changed at least once every 5,000 miles.

Tire Care
A car is nothing without it’s tires. The tires on your Mercedes Benz car should be rotated and balanced once every six months, and inspected for wear or damage regularly. Check the tire pressure regularly, and make sure to maintain proper tired pressure. The inflation chart, which shows the proper tire pressure levels, will likely be located on the side of you car’s driver seat door. Stable tire pressure helps the life of your tires, and also increases your car’s fuel economy.

Wash Your Car
With regular use, a Mercedes car tends to pick up dirt from the road. Weather, dirt, and UV rays, are all potential enemies for your car, and can create lasting damage that may be difficult to erase. Regularly washing Mercedes will help prevent dirt and road chemicals from oxidizing and damaging paint, especially when covered with a layer of new wax. If you plan to drive your Mercedes in the winter months, be sure to wash your vehicle more frequently, as road salt can be damaging to the exterior of your car.

The best way to keep your Mercedes Benz running at top shape is to bring it to your local Mercedes Benz service shop. A Mercedes shop will give your car a complete inspection, and will give you professional suggestions on how to keep your car running smoothly.

6 Tips for Using an Ignition Interlock Device

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Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is on the rise. Every year, motor vehicle accidents that involved people who are under the influence costs nearly $60 billion. Requiring people to use an ignition interlock device does cut down on drinking and driving. These devices have been credited with a 70% reduction in arrests for this infraction. While most states set the alcohol limit at .08%, most interlock devices prevent a car from starting for people whose blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of much lower at .02 or .03%. Some people would like to see these devices be installed in all vehicles and that would be the level for this.

Many people have misconceptions about what will and will not set off an ignition interlock device. If you have been made to install one because of a driving under the influence or if you have decided to put one in your car or in the car you bought for your kids, keep these in mind.

  1. Your perfume, cologne and  a mouth wash will not set it off. Many every day products we use have alcohol in them. These include mouthwashes, perfumes, moisturizers, breath sprays and other items. Hand sanitizers are made up mostly of alcohol. Using these products is not the same as drinking booze and will not cause the d interlock device to read as positive for alcohol consumption. Some states recommend using a different mouthwash or waiting 15 minutes between using it and driving.
  2. Smoking cigarettes will not set it off. The interlock device is made to detect alcohol in your breath, not cigarette or other smoke from tobacco. This does not mean you should blow smoke into the device but it should not be affected by legal substances that you smoke before or while you are driving.
  3. Your car will not just stop while driving on the highway. An ignition interlock device is connected to the starter of the vehicle and is designed to prevent the car from being started. It is not set to stop the car from running once it on the road. There are settings to allow it to test while you are driving but these do not shut down the engine, if you do not take the retest, a signal is sent to report a violation but the car will not just stop.
  4. Foods will not set it off. People claim that mints, cinnamon pastries, doughnuts and other items have been blamed for problems with the ignition interlock device systems. If you eat a chocolate with alcohol and immediately blow into the unit, it may register the alcohol from the good. Wait a few minutes or drink some water (or other non-alcoholic beverage) and try again.
  5. Spicy food can cause a false positive in an ignition interlock device. When you eat spicy food it mixes with the acid in your stomach and methane is released. If the ignition interlock device is not set to specifically detect alcohol, it can register a false positive. You can always take an antacid and your problem is solved. This is not a problem for a lot of devices.
  6. The ignition interlock device will not drain the car battery. If your vehicle has a properly functioning battery and electrical system, you should have no problem with your device. If you find there is a problem caused by the device, you should probably have your car looked at.

For many people, the positives of having an ignition interlock device installed outweigh the negatives. If you are being ordered by the court to have one, the big bonus is that you get your driving privileges restored and can drive your vehicle. If you are having one put in a car for your kids, you know that whoever drives the car will be sober when they are operating the car.

If you do plan to have a car breathalyzer installed, you can get a discreet breathalyzer or interlock cup put in. These still provide society with the benefit of keeping you from drinking while under the influence of alcohol but save you some of the embarrassment of having to blow into a obvious looking machine.

Tune in to Our Car Talk Radio Show!

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Car talk radio show

If you enjoy working on cars or have always wanted to learn, our car talk radio show is a great way to learn more about and to do more with your cars. Cars are a lot of fun to work on, but they are technical and complicated, so it is best to learn from people who have years of experience working on cars before attempting something on your own. You can also save a lot of money each year if you know how to do basic maintenance on your car, but again if you do not know how to do this, it can be daunting and it is best to learn how to do it from experienced professionals.

Our online car talk podcast is a convenient way for you to learn more whenever you have the time to do it. Our experts can help walk you through the basics of car care and show you how to do more interesting and advanced things, depending on the car talk podcast topic. We will cover an array of different car issues, so tune in regularly to learn as much as you can and begin working on your car.

If you are not interested in mechanics so much as cars in general, we will also discuss things ranging brand comparisons to consumer safety issues associated with certain cars. Whatever your interests, our car talk podcast should cover it at some point. We are just generally interested in cars, and would love to have like minded people tune in and get involved.

Whatever your level of interest or expertise, our car talk podcast will have something for you. We hope that we can help you get more interested in and involved with the automotive world and that our experience can help guide you through some of the more common hurdles and misconceptions people have about cars and auto work. We hope you will tune in.

How Car Talk Radio Saves Relationships!

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Car talk

Car talk is something that can get very old to listen to. For many women this is the root of all evil, and when the subject of cars begins with their significant others, they get bored and want to run away. Car talk can be fun for a little bit, but it gets old very quickly. Many men love to engage in car talk because it makes them feel that they are so strong and wise and that they are getting the chance to prove their knowledge about the automotive world. Many men even discuss the idea of working with a car talk podcast and being able to be the grand sources of knowledge relating to cars and all other automotive engines. With this sort of car talk taking place, there is definitely room for disgruntled wives and girlfriends who would rather talk about anything else in the world other than cars and car talk. Some women complain that they cannot go five minutes with their spouses without having a conversation that revolves around cars.

Many women who are sick and tired of listening to car talk have now found an outlet. While they go to the spa or get their nails done, they are finding that their significant others are now tuning into a car talk radio show on their way to and from work. They are getting the chance to listen to car talk and then when they get home, they have gotten the talk about the cars out of their systems and they are ready to behave like good husbands and boyfriends. The car talk ends once they hit the driveway and we are beginning to see how car talk radio is helping keep couples together because the dreaded subject about cars is not coming up over and over again.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind Before turning on the Television Set

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Car talk

Thanks to the advancement in internet radio over the past decade or so, internet talk radio is quickly on the rise. Because of topics ranging from relationship advice all the way to radioactive materials, internet radio is home of millions of listeners around the globe. Imagine the days of old where there were three or four radio stations, big as a small refrigerator, with programs that lasted as long as a film would today. This type of radio is extinct but, thanks to the pioneers like Marconi and Edison, internet radio is home for many topics and talk shows today. Take some time to look for things you might enjoy, like a car talk radio show, and you will soon get the idea.

Car talk can be one thing if in a social setting, and that one thing is typically boring for anyone not interested in cars. Now those car enthusiasts have a place to turn when they want to grease their gears with the latest car talk radio show by getting up to date news, industry information, and all types of things that relate to automobile and anything on four wheels. A car talk podcast can even be subscribed to, recorded to a specific internet radio server, and played back whenever the listener wants to hear it. If you miss a car talk radio show, you might think that you missed out, but the truth is that the technology allows people to, essentially, play a recording of the show form earlier in the day, much like some nationally syndicated radio stations do with sports and news programs.

Entertaining and informative, finding a quality car talk radio show will be a great outlet to feed and fuel your automotive passion. The last thing you want to do is to not hear anything, not talk about cars, and not get any of that information you so desperately want and need. Car talk radio shows allow listeners to call in, voice their opinion, and generally converse with the radio host to engage the audience much the same way sports talk radio and news radio will do. The best way to find a good car talk radio show is to do some research on automotive industry and car websites to get some recommendations on quality programs that offer reliable information and good car talk.

Learn how to work on cars yourself

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Car talk

For most people across the country, owning and operating a car every day is very important. Withing their cars, people will not be able to get themselves to work, or take their kids to school. This is where listening to a fun and informative car talk radio show could come in handy. Listening to a little it of car talk each day could give people the right info to make sure that their cars are working well every day.

Even simple repairs can be quite expensive. With a car talk radio show however, people may be able to listen in and learn how to take care of them on their own. From changing out a battery to changing oil, there are a lot of simple things that one can do on their own, even if they have never worked on a car before in their life. Doing repairs at home could be even better for those that find it difficult to get on their mechanics schedule. Of course, doing the repairs on ones own time is just one of the benefits that a car talk show can provide.

A car talk program could also help people to save money. Even simple repairs can be very expensive. If a car owner is going through a tough financial time, being able to conduct a few repairs at home should not cost them anything more than the price of the parts. Any excuse to save a few bucks is probably a good one, especially if one has lost their job, or been forced to take a cut in pay.

One of the best things about a car talk show is that it can be listened to almost anywhere. Thanks to modern technology, people can stream or download a car talk podcast. With the help of an MP3 player or other internet ready mobile device, people will be able to listen in anytime they wish, taking in every last bit of helpful information about cars.

I LOVE Those Guys!!!

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Car talk

I have a car. But I am not a car person. Wait. I should restate that. I did not used to be a car person. Until about five ears ago when my friend Dave insisted we listen to the Car talk radio show on NPR while on a road trip. It was awesome. I have no idea what the hosts look like but I can tell you I have a little crush on both of them. Okay, that is not true. I have huge massive crushes on both of them. Car Talk Radio kept me, a non car person, completely entranced throughout the drive.

The Car Talk podcast is educational, entertaining and positively hilarious. I have no idea how something as simple as the Car Talk podcast, a couple of guys answering questions about cars, could have be learning and laughing for that long. And the Car Talk podcast has kept the magic going over and over again with every show. They have made a car person out of me. And if I dare say, they have made a semi educated car person out of me. A semi educated car person with a couple big old crushes.

I am thrilled I have not had any car issues that required my calling in to the Car Talk podcast seeking answers. But I am kind of bummed that I never called in to the Car Talk podcast in general. It is with heavy heart that I share with you that the Car talk podcast will soon be no more. Not more than ten minutes ago I learned that the hosts of the Car Talk podcast are in fact retiring. I am happy for them but so so sad for us listeners.

I do wish them both a very happy retirement and for myself I wish to find two new guys to have a crush on.

Car Talk For Men!

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Car talk podcast

Car talk is often a topic in which men love to congregate over. Every man thinks he is an expert when it comes to cars, and cannot wait to boast his knowledge with car talk. For men who cannot get enough car talk on their day to day schedule, there is a car talk podcast that they can listen to so that they can hear the entire car talk that their wives and significant others do not want to hear for another minute! In addition to this, having a car talk radio station that they can listen to can give these men a place to check their facts and freshen up their lingo before they go out and embarrass themselves with car talk that is not true or is not accurate. This way, by hearing trusted experts, men can check their facts with car talk experts that know what they are talking about when it comes to cars.

Often the car talk radio show that we hear in the morning and evenings is filled in car talk knowledge that most men did not know. They tune in to hear new facts so that when they meet up with their buddies, they car talk knowledge is current and up to date. Because they are able to get their car talk fill twice a day, the man is able to come home and not bore his significant other with car talk that she is clearly not interested in, and has zero aspiration to be enthused by. Women are very thankful for radio shows such as these, because they provide men the opportunity to tune into their car centered world before they reach the home base where they need to find something else they can talk about. In addition to this, it will offer them something new and fresh to talk about when the subject of car talk comes up with their friends! Ultimately, it is a win win situation for all men! Now that they have an outlet for their interest in cars, there will be time for them to focus on other topics that interest them and their loved ones!