Google’s Self-Driving Cars Now Built Without Steering Wheels and Gas Pedals

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Google may change the future of driving and automobiles forever. The leading internet company, previously developing self-driving cars with the option for a human driver to take over in the event of an emergency, is changing gears (no pun intended). Google’s latest automated vehicles do not even have a driver’s seat. In fact, there is no steering wheel, gas pedal, or brake. What is Google trying to accomplish, and how will it impact the future of transportation?

Google Releases Self-Driving Vehicles Without Brakes, Gas Pedals, Or Steering Wheels

“They won’t have a steering wheel, accelerator pedal, or brake pedal… because they don’t need them. Our software and sensors do all the work,” Google explains in an official blog post. “We’ll have two seats (with seatbelts)