Windshield Replacement A Few Points to Consider

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Windshield replacement tucson arizona

Does your windshield have a few pits or small cracks? Have you been suspecting that the last time you had a windshield replacement that it was poorly done? If you’re not sure when to replace your windshield, you may be interested in the following windshield replacement tips.

Windshields and Structural Integrity

Were you aware that your car’s windshield provides structural integrity? If someone is in a head-on collision, for example, 45% of the cabin’s structural integrity relies on that windshield being able to withstand the force of the collision. Furthermore, if a car is involved in a rollover crash, 60% of the cabin’s structural integrity depends on that windshield.

Tempered Automobile Glass

In 2015, there was a high demand for tempered glass. This is becau