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Have You Ever Wondered What the Subaru Logo Means? Read This to Find Out

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Used subaru for sale

The blue Subaru logo with six stars enclosed in an oval, the one that stands tall on signs for local Subaru dealers around the country, has a rich meaning behind it. The logo was created in 1953 when five Japanese companies merged to form Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), a Japanese transportation conglomerate that specializes in ground and aerospace manufacturing. It was no easy task to design the logo, which would represent this iconic merger for years to come. The best logos are simple yet memorable, a true embodiment of a company’s ideals that showcases them as leaders in the market. A logo is tasked with conveying a brand’s trustworthiness, prestige, and commitment to quality. The logo for new and used Subaru dealers accomplishes all of this a

An Overview of Hose Clamps

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Hose clamps are designed in such a way so as to secure a hose over a given fitting, thus preventing any of the liquid traveling through the hose from leaking at the connection joint. Some of the most popular uses for hose clamps are securing hoses in automotive functions and clamping connections in household plumbing lines. They also make for good solutions when a strong band clamp is needed, where duct tape or a zip tie might otherwise get used. Different types of hose clamps are best designated for different situations. Here’s an overview…
Four Different Kinds of Hose Clamps

  • Ear Clamps
    Ear clamps are generally made of a stainless steel band that’s adorned with closing elements that a