An Overview of Hose Clamps

Small hose clamps

Hose clamps are designed in such a way so as to secure a hose over a given fitting, thus preventing any of the liquid traveling through the hose from leaking at the connection joint. Some of the most popular uses for hose clamps are securing hoses in automotive functions and clamping connections in household plumbing lines. They also make for good solutions when a strong band clamp is needed, where duct tape or a zip tie might otherwise get used. Different types of hose clamps are best designated for different situations. Here’s an overview…
Four Different Kinds of Hose Clamps

  • Ear Clamps
    Ear clamps are generally made of a stainless steel band that’s adorned with closing elements that are called ears. This type of clamp gets applied to the end of a hose/tube with specialized “ear clamp pliers.” The pliers serve to permanently alter the clamp fastened around the hose when tightened, and is therefore considered tamper-resistant.

  • Screw Clamps
    Sometimes called worm gear clamps, these are mainly used to attach sections of domestic water piping. In the U.S., they’re made of stainless steel and are shaped as a band of metal with a screw pattern pressed into it. On one end the band has a screw that, once turned, literally worms along the hose until it is tight.

  • Wire Clamps
    These are made of heavier pieces of steel that get bent into the shape of a ring and then are folded over. The ends then have holes cut into them, one of which gets attached to a “captive nut,” leaving the other side for a “captive screw.” When placed around a hose, the screw tightens and the ends actually get pushed apart. The end result is that the loop around the hose is tightened.

  • Spring Clamps
    Springs are usually made form medium carbon steel and can therefore return to their original shape after being twisted. Because of this feature, spring clamps get used with automotive vacuum hoses and various other high-pressure hoses. Pliers are needed to tighten them, and the clamps themselves come in different shapes for different applications.
    Additionally, they’re available made of different materials: wire hose clamps, silicone hose clamps, and plastic hose clamps are the most widely used options.

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