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Valet Services What they are, How they Work and What you Need to Know

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Valet parking is a luxury to eliminate the need for patrons to self park in a busy parking lot. Self parking carries risks, such as scratches, 80% of which occur while a driver is simply parking. Aside from that, valet eliminates wasted time and gas from looking for a parking spot. It is estimated that drivers spend around 17 hours each year and wast more than $300 in time and fuel by driving around looking for parking. Valet parking takes these problems out of the equation and offers a simple solution. Read below to learn more about valet parking, valet parking tags and some precautions to take when utilizing these services.

What are Valet Services

Valet parking is a parking service that is offered by various establishments. Many resorts, some restaurants and some hospitals utilize valet service. The car is parked and you are given a valet ticket or tag. These valet tickets or valet parking tags are what you need in order to get your car back after you are

3 Ways Businesses can Benefit from Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular growing each and every year with more than 90,000 vehicles, possibly due to the U.S.Department of Energy offering tax credits of up to $7,500 to those who purchase electric cars. Electric cars make sense to many since the average cost of charging is the equivalent of spending $1 per gallon of gas on a gasoline car. That being said, there is one small set back to owning an electric car, and that is finding vehicle charging stations or EV stations. Finding a recharging station has proven to be difficult for many electric car owners, but it doesn’t have to be. The growing number of electric car sales is driving more businesses to look in installing recharging stations at their companies. Employees could use these recharging stations while they are at work, giving them a fully charged car once they leave the office. Read below to see the benefits and re

How To Afford Your Car And Money Saving Tips For The Automotive World

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From Subaru cars to Honda cars to Chevrolet cars, there are many different types of cars that you can drive in the United States. And there are many reasons that cars are very necessary for many people of all different backgrounds all throughout the country. Though cars come at all different price points and makes and models, they are crucial in all of their different forms and functions. From the truck to the van to the SUV to the mid sized sedan, each family needs a car for themselves, and the process of finding a car can certainly be a difficult one.

For one, price point can be problematic. There’s no doubt about it that life is expensive, from medical costs to the costs associated with child care simply to the general costs of every day living in all parts of this country. And some parts of the country have such a high cost of living that it can be difficult just to scrape by on a day to day basis. Buying a car, even though it might be very much necessary (depending on the ac

Taking a Look At The Industry Of Pre Owned Vehicles In The United States

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If you live in the United States, it is more likely than not that owning or at least leasing a car is something of a necessity. Some people are lucky and are able to live in areas where public transportation is widely available and reliable. However, this is just not the case for the majority of residents of this country, and having your own method of transportation is critical. After all, you’ve got to get to your job. You’ve got to get to school, or the doctor, or extracurricular activities with your children. Owning your own car gives you a great deal of agency.

But brand new cars can be insanely expensive, costing, on average, just over thirty five thousand dollars. The vast majority of people are not able to pay that kind of money all at once, and instead find themselves taking out loans and setting up payment plans, a course that not everyone is particularly comfortable with. Leasing a car or other such motor vehicle presents another option, but it is one that sometimes beco

A Look At The World Of Replica Car Kit Building In the United States And Around The World

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If you’re interested in road and track, you are far from alone, particularly if you live somewhere in the United States. Road and track is a field that many people partake in and the road and track community is one that many people can find themselves a home within. Road and track involves a great deal of enthusiasm for cars, from hot rod kit cars to build to the creation of the performance driving replica.

The Cobra car is a very popular car among those who are road and track enthusiasts and experts for a number of reasons. For one, the Cobra car has an incredible history. This history dates back as far as the year of 1964, as road and track enthusiasts as well as car kit enthusiasts will know. During this year in Great Britain, the AC Cobra Coupe reached a speed that was greater than one hundred and eighty six miles per hour. This was a monumental occasion, and one that has been much celebrated in history ever since. For those who are road and track enthusiasts and those who en

How To Care For Your Car And Treat It Right – And Why It Is Important to Do So In The United States And Around The World

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As anyone who currently owns or has owned a car or other such motor vehicle can attest to, cars can develop problems. And at some point, it is likely that your car will. From minor problems to major ones, it is important to have your car or other such motor vehicle looked at by a professional of the auto industry, particularly in the field of auto repairs. Taking your car into a professional is the ideal choice – as opposed to conducting your own repairs on the car – because they simply have more practical experience and are likely to do a more comprehensive and thorough job. They also have more of the required tools, from a GM door spring tool to a tie rod puller to even something as simple as a wrench organizer. As the typical car has as many as thirty thousand parts in total, it is crucial to stay on top of the upkeep and maintenance of your car. Otherwise, the problems tha

Why Do Large Trucks Only Run On Diesel?

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You roll up to the gas station only to be confronted with three options: regular, premium…or diesel. In your regular sedan, putting diesel in your car won’t make it run better. Of course, a diesel engine is required for use of diesel and most regular automobiles don’t utilize that type of engine. Luckily, there are between 50 and 60 types of diesel engines available for the consumer if you opt for a diesel engine. But what’s the deal with large trucks running on diesel and not normal gas?

They’re in it for the long haul

Unlike your commuter car, semi trucks need to run without stopping for long stretches of time. Commercial diesel is simply more efficient over long periods of time than your regular gas options. Diesel is also low-maintenance, allowing semi trucks or eighteen wheelers to make fewer pit stops on the road at a commercial diesel supplier. As such, the engine also needs less maintenance. Once they get their commercial diesel supply, they’re in it for the long haul.

They’re heavy

It’s no surprise that semi trucks have to lug thousands of pounds of weight. As such, they need a strong engine that’s able to speed up and slow down at the drop of a hat. With a regular supply of gas, this simply isn’t possible With a commercial diesel supply, the engine is able to produce higher levels of torque than a regular engine. This enables the engine — and the truck — to have a better ratio when it comes to power and weight.

They traverse many terrains

Semi trucks traveling cross-country will encounter many different types of terrain, including mountains, cities, deserts, snow, and forms of inclement weather. As such, they need to adjust the amount of energy needed. Through the use of a diesel engine, the driver is able to better navigate the often difficult terrain.

They need something reliable

Diesel engines, simply put, are built to last. Unlike regular engines that require spark plugs for combustion, the diesel engine uses less heat, enabling the engine to last for longer. With fewer replacements, costs are able to go into fixing other features on the truck without worry the engine is going to give. Diesel fuel delivery may be more expensive outright, but in the end, semi truck drivers all over the globe benefit from this type of engine.