Valet Services What they are, How they Work and What you Need to Know

Valet parking is a luxury to eliminate the need for patrons to self park in a busy parking lot. Self parking carries risks, such as scratches, 80% of which occur while a driver is simply parking. Aside from that, valet eliminates wasted time and gas from looking for a parking spot. It is estimated that drivers spend around 17 hours each year and wast more than $300 in time and fuel by driving around looking for parking. Valet parking takes these problems out of the equation and offers a simple solution. Read below to learn more about valet parking, valet parking tags and some precautions to take when utilizing these services.

What are Valet Services

Valet parking is a parking service that is offered by various establishments. Many resorts, some restaurants and some hospitals utilize valet service. The car is parked and you are given a valet ticket or tag. These valet tickets or valet parking tags are what you need in order to get your car back after you are done.

Cost and Tipping

The cost can vary greatly by establishment, and you typically pay before your car is parked. Once you are done and your car is retrieved people typically tip the retriever. The valet tag tells the retriever which car is yours, so they can find it. Tipping is not mandatory although it is customary.


There is always some concern when handing your keys over to someone that you do not know very well. This can cause fear in anyone, however a valet service does not have just anyone working for them. Their employees are screened thoroughly, so you can trust that your car is in good hands from the moment you hand them the keys, until your car is returned to you.


Valet parking tags will typically have a disclaimer on it stating what the valet company is liable for and what they are not liable for. Read this carefully, but there are also a few precautions you can take to protect yourself. Don’t leave valuables in the car when it is getting parked by valet, and if you must, make sure they are locked in the trunk. Always inform the valet service of anything on your car that does not work properly, such as a key fob that doesn’t lock the doors so they must be manually locked. These precautions will add an extra layer of security when utilizing valet services.

You can feel safe knowing that your car is in good hands and not in an overcrowded parking lot with drivers parking themselves when utilizing valet parking services. These services are intended to make your life a little easier and less hectic. Next time you’re offered valet services, use them and enjoy the peace of mind and extra time they provide.

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