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How Car Breathalyzers And Ignition Interlocks Are Curbing Drunk Driving In America

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Drunk driving is an epidemic still sweeping the United States as we know it. It causes significant property damage, puts people at risk and even negatively impacts economic growth. As such, car breathalyzer prices are being heavily analyzed as to encourage more around-the-clock attention concerning potential drunk drivers — from ignition interlocks to more discreet breathalyzer, a little goes a long way in keeping the general population safe. They function by discouraging repeat offenders, the vast majority of drunk drivers, and keeping other drivers safe on the road through preventative action.

What Is A DUI?

Short for ‘driving under the influence’, a DUI is a conviction given when a driver is arrested for operating a vehicle while drunk or under the influence of debilitating sub

How Often Should I Take My Car To The Auto Repair Shop?

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Tires and auto repair

When’s the last time you visited your neighborhood’s friendly auto mechanic? If you’re scratching your head and thinking about it, that may be a sign you’re overdue for auto repair services. Vehicle negligence is one of the most discussed about issues facing modern Americans today, affecting everything from budgets to even personal safety if not routinely checked on. There are a host of different problems that can crop up under your nose when you least expect it, causing you to need new car tires or an oil change to maintain your car’s day-to-day safety. If you’re not sure about the consequences of vehicle negligence or could use a refresher course on what you should keep in mind, look no further than

The Biggest RVs Require the Most Advanced Safety Features

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Electronic trailer sway control

The bigger the better.
We are a nation that thrives on having the biggest of everything. The biggest houses. The biggest cars. The biggest bank accounts. The biggest list of friends on our social media accounts. the biggest recreational vehicle (RV) to take on vacation.
It likely comes as no surprise thought that bigger can also mean more work. The biggest houses mean more bathrooms to clean and more money to spend when the siding needs to be replaced. The biggest cars often translate into paying more money for fuel on a weekly and monthly basis. The biggest list of friends on your social media accounts means more birthday greetings to send and accept, more posts to scroll through when you open your accounts in the morning. The biggest RV means the responsibility of pulling more weight

7 Tips to Get the Best Storage Spot for Your RV or Car

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Warehouse for rent fort lauderdale

Nearly 10% of Americans will rent self storage units for their belongings at least one time in their lives. Many people have RVs and other recreational vehicles. They may want to free up lawn space or driveway by putting them in storage. Finding the right car and RV storage can be a little more complicated than renting storage for other personal items such as furniture and clothes.

1. Call your car or RV insurance carrier.andnbsp;Before you take your vehicle to the car or RV storage facility, you need to find out what is and is not covered by your insurance policy. The RV storage site cannot be counted on to take care of an

Why Certified Used Cars Are a Good Buy

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Chevrolet and Cadillac are some of the best known cars anywhere in the world. They have been around for over a hundred years and are still a popular luxury brand. Anyone thinking of buying a car has a few different options. They can buy or lease a new car, or go for a manufacturer certified used car. Whichever option you choose, new technology like night vision and improved braking systems have made automobiles much safer and accidents less likely.

Chevrolet and Cadillac are perennial favorites
Since General Motors first introduce the Cadillac in 1902, it has been one of the world’s leading luxury brands. Movie stars, pop musicians, and

Growing Your Snow Removal Business With the Right Equipment

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Heavy duty snow plows

Many states experience a lot of snow fall during the winter months. The snow can fall in many inches, affecting the driveways and roads that people drive on to get to work and school. In states that the snow fall is high, it can be difficult to remove all of the snow prior to driving on it. It can be strenuous and often requires specialized equipment in order to effectively remove all of the snow. This is why many northern state winter residents hire snow removing companies to remove the snow for them. They no longer have to worry about removing many inches of snow and are always guaranteed that they can get out of their driveway or parking lot. There are many snow removal companies in these states, requiring a snow removal company to have the best skills and the most advanced of equipment to be success

9 Ways to Become Successful as a Racecar Driver

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Being a race car driver is a calling as much as it is a career. You can’t just decide to be a race car driver. It’s a hugely dangerous profession that only a special person can be apart of. It’s important to know about cobra kits and muscle cars and things like that. Performance driving encompasses so much more than just simply sitting in the seat and pressing the gas pedal. Let’s take a look at what it takes to become a successful race car driver.

  1. Always have business cards

Christmas in July? Why you should start preparing for snow now

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Pro-tech sno pusher plow

When it’s 90 degrees outside and you’re packing your bathing suit for your family’s annual beach vacation, snow is probably the last thing on your mind. But it shouldn’t be. Even though winter feels like a long ways away, it’s never too early to start getting prepared. Here’s why you should start thinking about snow removal, snow pushers and your company’s procedures before the weather gets cold.

Do your research.
When you begin planning well in advance, you have time to shop around for snow pushers. You can compare pricing and equipment models to choose what works best for your company’s needs. For example, if you need an angled snow pusher that removes hard pack snow Continue Reading No Comments

Protecting Your Truck Bed With Spray On Bedliner

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Bed liner spray gun

Most people who choose to own trucks do it out of necessity. Trucks are ideal for transporting and carrying large and heavy items. If you are constantly carrying around heavy items, it is a necessity. Additionally, if you work as a contractor of some type or own your own contracting business, the truck bed of a truck can be very useful and necessary. However, most truck owners will notice that their trucks get dirty and ruined very quickly because of all of the wear and tear on them. Because you are constantly transporting heavy objects, mostly in the truck bed, your truck bed can quickly become damaged. Fortunately, there are things that a truck owner can to do prevent and to improve the condition of their truck bed.

A liner of some sort is great at preventing premature wear and tear of your truck b

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Hybrid Car Batteries

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Honda hybrid fuel economy

According to Statistic Brain, an estimated 2,180,000 hybrid vehicles were sold in the United States during 2012. And for good reason, too — hybrids are amazing investments — not only are they sweet, smooth rides, but they are great for the environment and represent and amazing investment overall. But, because hybrid battery packs do not typically outlast the car itself, nearly all hybrid car owners will be in the market to repair or replace their battery pack at some point, usually in the range of six to ten years after the car?s original purchase.

Before you make any big decisions about how to repair or replace your hybrid car batteries, the first thing you should do is get educated about hybrid cars fuel economy, and how to replace a hybrid battery:

You Can Prolong Their Batter