Three Common Reasons Individuals Choose a Vehicle Transport Service

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Car hauling

We’ve all seen those huge multicarrier car shipping trucks on the road, but you probably never thought about who those cars belong to, where they are going, or who actually hires that service. Companies with fleet vehicles, car dealerships, and even the U.S. military choose to use services like that to ship their vehicles, but individual people do as well. Here are three common reasons why:

Online vehicle purchases
The most common reason that people choose to hire car shipping companies is to ship a vehicle that they bought online. Buying online offers plenty of benefits like being able to find the exact vehicle you want in the right color and at the right price. The problem with buying v

The Skinny on Vehicle Transportation

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Ship car across country

It’s that time of year again: College graduates are moving out of their dorms, finding new jobs, and many families are moving during the summer months in order to get their kids into school by the start of fall. But what does all this mean? Transporting issues. Sure, you’ve got the moving van, but what about the car? Here are a few reasons why auto transport companies are your best bet for an easy relocation from point A to point B.

What is Vehicle Hauling?
Vehicle shipping is normally used when people are faced with the choice of driving their car, or taking a plane and hiring someone else (or, hello family relatives!) to move their car. Open carriers are one type of car shipping that is less expensive. However, they do leave the vehicle open to nature’s elements.


Leave Shipping Your Car to the Experts Hire a Auto Transport Broker

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International car shipping

Whether you are moving for a new job, relocating to your favorite vacation destination, or just happen to buy a car that is sitting in a lot across the country, transporting your car is a big deal. You want to get it there safely, on time, and hop in your car as soon as it arrives. So, be sure to research car shipping companies to find one that will take all the necessarily safety precautions, and is also known for dependable auto shipping. But, to ensure that you get the best service for your money, it might be best to consult an auto transport broker.

An auto transport broker specializes in shipping and transporting vehicles, both domestically and internationally. In the U.S., trucks and cars are