The Skinny on Vehicle Transportation

Ship car across country

It’s that time of year again: College graduates are moving out of their dorms, finding new jobs, and many families are moving during the summer months in order to get their kids into school by the start of fall. But what does all this mean? Transporting issues. Sure, you’ve got the moving van, but what about the car? Here are a few reasons why auto transport companies are your best bet for an easy relocation from point A to point B.

What is Vehicle Hauling?
Vehicle shipping is normally used when people are faced with the choice of driving their car, or taking a plane and hiring someone else (or, hello family relatives!) to move their car. Open carriers are one type of car shipping that is less expensive. However, they do leave the vehicle open to nature’s elements.


  • All auto transport companies are required by the U.S. Department of Transportation to have liability and cargo insurance. Even though this protects them from accidents on the road, it ensures you that they are professionals.
  • Car moving is cheaper. You can either choose to have your car shipped by itself, or, for less money on shipping fees, you can have it sent with other cars. Most people will tell you that they ended up saving more money on vehicle transport because they only had to pay for gas
  • With professional car moving, you don’t have to pay for any extraneous expenses such as lodging, food, etc. This is all paid for by the auto transport companies.
  • You have the option to relocate multiple vehicles at the same time. This is most helpful during long distance moves and relocations. Now you can simply fly to your new destination.
  • Having your vehicle professionally shipped is, above all things, less tiring. There’s no more need to drink your weight in coffee to make the trek from Florida to Maine — let someone else do the job for you.

What to Expect
There are a few things to expect from a vehicle transport company. First, car shipping companies will advise against having anything in your car, this could end up costing you some extra cash, and you run the risk of it being stolen. However, some companies will allow 50-100 pounds to be transported. Next, any good auto shipping company will ask you to inspect your vehicle and take note of any damage before it’s shipped. This way you can be sure if something happened to your ride along the way.

Auto transport companies exist to make your life hassle free when it comes to your next big move, so why not consider looking into the option? Reference links.

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