How To Get The Best MPG For Your Hybrid

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Batteries in hybrid cars

Unless Hollywood’s dystopic fever dreams come true, conserving gasoline is more about saving your hard-earned money than survival of the fittest. However, if you’re hoping to avoid the apocalyptic future seen so often on the silver screen, then driving a hybrid typically cuts back on fuel costs and harmful greenhouse gas emissions by 20 to 35% on average.

Plus, if you want to know how to get the best mpg, most fuel saving tips apply to both hybrids and standard engines. So if you’re interested in saving money at the pump (and protecting the environment), then check out these four tips and learn how to get the best mpg on the road.

Unleaded Fuel Only:

How Hybrid Cars Work

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Hybrid fuel economy

Though hybrid cars have been on the market in the United States for about 15 years, there still seems to be a general confusion about the way they work. We all know that hybrids are good for the environment because they release less harmful emissions into the environment, there are often tax incentives for buying them, and that they get great fuel economy. What many people don’t know is how they actually work.

Put simply, hybrid cars are called such because they run from two different power sources, and this is why hybrid fuel economy is so good. One of these power sources is regular fuel that drivers buy at the pump — though generally hybrids run from regular gasoline some