What Is Your Most Used Repair Item in Your Garage?

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Hose clamps

The solution was simple.
The clean up, however, was not.
After spending most of the weekend cleaning up the water damage from the washing machine leak, it was both frustrating and a relief to find out that the solution was nothing more than an adjustable hose clamp. Although the water mess took hours of work by both you and your husband, the repair only cost a few dollars and took less than an hour. Once you discovered that the adjustable hose clamp had broken and caused the leak, your husband simply went to the garage and found the part that he needed for the repair. In fact, an adjustable hose clamp, your husband claims, is as versatile a tool as WD-40 and duct tape when it comes to repairing many of the projects around the house.
Both plastic and stainless steel hose clamps can be successfully used in a variety of settings. Available in sizes from large hose clamps to very small hose clamps, these versatile tools helps home owners and professional repair personnel connect hoses to machines, tubes to air conditioners, and gas lines to tractors.
Hose clamps come in several different types and sizes. Some of the types include worm gear clamps, spring clamps, and wire clamps. They all, however, serve the same basic purpose: to securely connect two items. Without the proper quality and size hose clamp, the seal has a risk of leaking gas, liquid, or other substances. In the case of a home washing machine or dishwasher, for example, an inferior quality clamp can mean gallons of water damaging flooring, ceilings, and drywall. The part may be simple, but if it is not of a high enough quality, it may not perform the way it is supposed to.
To ensure a good seal between a hose and a barb, for instance, the barb in a hose clamp must be free of nicks, scratches, or contamination. Any of these defects can lead to a weakened part of the clamp that could result in an expensive and extensive leak. Some mechanics and home repair service people rely on a more sturdy screw clamp, which consists of galvanized or stainless steel bands. These bands create a more reliable screw thread pattern that has been cut or pressed.
Adjustable screw clamps, like some other very versatile tools, can be the difference between coming home to a load of clothes that simply have to be thrown in the dryer, to coming home to a water emergency that can take days to clean up.

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