The Top 5 Most Expensive Muscle Mustangs Ever Sold at Auction

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Muscle Mustangs have been a hit with automobile enthusiasts ever since they were first created. While Ford performance parts have improved since then, that doesn’t mean the older cars are any less coveted by Mustang lovers around the world.
In fact, many of these souped up muscle Mustangs are actually sold at auctions every year. However, not all Mustangs are created equal. Here are a few of the most expensive Mustangs ever sold at auction.
1965 Supercharged Shelby GT350
It’s no question that Ford’s Shelby Cobra was one of the most popular cars ever made. However, this particular car was popular enough to rake in $528,000 at a 2007 auction. What made this car so special? This car was a prototype fitted with a Paxton/McCulloch supercharger good for 306 horsepower. In terms of Mustang racing, this car could really fly.
1969 Boss 429
This vehicle tops the wishlists of car enthusiasts all over the world. Restored versions can be found in many places, but an original Boss 429 has the potential to make some serious cash. This particular car sold for a whopping $550,000 at a 2013 auction in California.
1965 Shelby GT350R
Shelby is a name coveted around the globe, and for good reason. These cars are powerhouses of the muscle car era, and continue to sell for phenomenally high prices. This model was sold at a 2012 California auction for $990,000. That’s almost $1 million for a single vehicle. Given that this particular Shelby GT350R, originally owned by Richard Jordan, was sold with less than 4,900 miles and the original engine and transmission, the buyer must have been ready to spend everything.
1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake
As far as Mustang performance goes, this car takes the cake. The name alone is enough to inspire images of Ford racing and the muscle car era. This car, used to test Goodyear’s “Thunderbolt” tire line at a top speed of 170 MPH, sold for $1.3 million.
The amount people are willing to pay for a piece of muscle car history is truly impressive. These cars represent a truly different era, and give many a chance to imagine what that era might have been like.

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