5 Types of Events a Small Charter Bus Makes Better

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When you think of charter bus services, you may be thinking of a motor coach carrying 50 passengers or more. But small charter buses can seat between 18 and 35 people, perfect for medium-sized groups and shorter-distance travel. Plus, they’re surprisingly affordable, since you’ll save on fuel costs. Here are five types of events for which you might consider small charter buses:

  1. Field Trips

    Small schools that don’t need their own buses might consider chartering for field trips. Smaller coaches are the ideal size for a single class plus chaperones, and the luxurious form of travel might get even the most unenthusiastic student excited about the trip.

  2. Family Events and Tours

    Chartering a bus can keep the whole family together when traveling for special events such as weddings, Sweet 16s and family reunions. Not only will this prevent someone from being late due to driving mixups, you can start making memories before you even get to your destination. If you’ve got family coming in from out of town, you can also arrange a private tour of your city.

  3. Sports Games

    If a team needs to travel to a neighboring town for a game, choosing to charter a bus can boost both performance on the field and readiness for class after returning, since athletes can sleep comfortably and do their homework during travel.

  4. Church Camps

    Instead of organizing parent carpools (or using rickety church vans and hoping for the best), church youth groups or similar organizations on their way to camps or service missions can charter buses. Since buses have plenty of storage space, there will be room for all the duffel bags and other luggage.

  5. Corporate Outings

    Transportation is often a concern with out-of-town conferences. If you have multiple employees attending an event, consider chartering a bus so no one needs to worry about taxis or taking public transit in an unfamiliar city. If these people are representing your company, you want to make sure they arrive relaxed, refreshed and on time.

What other types of events would be made easier or more relaxing if you traveled in small charter buses? Share your ideas in the comments!

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