Apply Your Own Spray on Truck Liner with These Tips

Sprayed bed liner

If you have a truck, you are not alone. There were about 1.6 million pick up trucks that were bought in 2012. Truck sales seem to only be going up. In August of 2015, pickup truck sales increased by about 8%. One concern many pickup truck owners have is the best way to protect their truck beds. Many people opt to apply spray on bedliners themselves. Now that vinyl wrap cutting tape can be used to to make precise cuts in the liner material without using a knife or damaging the truck bed, it has become easier than ever to do this yourself at home.

Before you start, it important to note the benefits spray on liners have over drop in truck bedliners or custom made liners. With the other kinds of truck bedliners, there is a space between the truck bed and the liner. Moisture, dirt and other debris can make its way into this space and cause damage to the truck bed. Because of this space, the liner can move and expose parts of the truck bed to the elements. Between the moisture that can be trapped between the liner and the truck bed and the rain that can get on any exposed areas of the truck bed, rust is more of an issue than when you spray on the bedliner. All of this mean you need to do more maintenance on non-spray on liners.

Tips for Applying a Truck Bedliner:

  • Sand the truck bed surface. You do not want the surface of your truck bed to be completely smooth. What you want is a surface that is totally clean but but has enough texture for the spray on bedliner to adhere to. This will make the bond between the liner and the tuck bed more secure. A sanding machine will remove the shine on a new truck’s bed but the protection provided by the spray on bedliner will be much better and will be worth it. You will still be able to use vinyl wrap cutting tape on the areas where you are going to want to create a smooth cut in the liner without using a knife.
  • Take out any accessories in the truck bed. If you do not want it covered in spray on bedliner, you need to remove it from the truck bed. There are people who think you also need to take off the tailgate before you start to apply the liner. If you do this, you can opt to apply your liner to the tailgate separately. The only way you can safely protect anything you do not want coated in spray on liner is to take of out of the truck bed before its application.
  • Get rid of any dirt or debris. Once you are done sanding the bed of the truck, you will find debris such as paint chips and dust in the truck bed. You need to be very careful to remove all of the debris, dirt and dust before you begin to apply the liner. The fist step in this process is to take a vacuum to your truck bed. If you skip this step, you may end up with bubbles in the spray on liner. There are some other problems with the spray on liner. Vacuuming up any debris is an important step in the process of applying a spray on liner and should not be skipped.
  • Read and follow the directions on the liner. It may sound like a given but some people ignore the instructions on the spray on bedliner product itself. The directions from the manufacturer should be followed to make sure you are doing it properly. If you make a mistake, say with the vinyl wrap cutting tape, you may end up spending more money by having to redo the job or by having to go to a professional. Take your time, follow the instructions and you should have a good experience./li>

It is easier than ever to apply a good bedliner for your truck. Between the spray on liners themselves to using some vinyl wrap cutting tape, you can apply this kind of product to your truck and get a great result.

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