Changes to Battery Transport You Should Be Aware Of

With lithium batteries, there are some changes happening to battery transport that you need to be aware of and prepare for when you travel. These batteries are found in a variety of electronics and equipment that are used in a number of industries. According to this video, these packing amendments are changing in all types of transportation.

This is vital information since packing and storing lithium batteries has been something to be managed by all travel agencies across the world. If they aren’t properly stored, they can cause issues with transportation, especially the larger batteries that are carried sometimes for equipment.

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Lithium battery marks will no longer be required to show the telephone number on the battery. This is being phased out through December 2026, allowing businesses to get through their current stock and have time to make the updates necessary. This will apply to road transport, train transport, and all aircraft that could be carrying this type of battery at any given time.

Before you travel or send your employees out, make sure you have this information updated. When your current marks expire move to making ones with the new policy and information before 2026.


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