Drive a Subaru

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In the market for a new vehicle? Why not check out some local Subaru dealers in Rochester NY? Subaru was first established back in 1968 in Philadelphia, the city of love. There are plenty of local Chevy dealers as well as Subaru dealers in the Rochester area.The very first Subaru car was called the Subaru 1500, and they have come a long way since then. If you visit any local Subaru dealers they will be the friendliest sales people who will try to get you what you are looking for instead of trying to push a sale. Even by stopping into a used Chevy dealers lot, you are sure to find great help. Subaru’s are safe for the family and reliable. That is precisely why you are seeing more and more Subarus on the road.

Many people are on board with the new green movement, saving our resources and creating as little waste as possible as to keep our environment safe. Well guess what? In Lafayette, Indiana, the Subaru plant that is located there was the first auto assembly plants to actually be titled with zero landfill status. That means that all products get reused and re-purposed. Absolutely zero trash is added into landfills which makes Subaru and environment friendly company. What another great reason to get behind a Subaru.

Many used Chevy dealers are proud of their product. With the amount of cars for sale in Rochester NY, it’s hard to know where to look. That’s why Chevy Subaru is a great choice. Both new and used, the Subaru inventory has many options for people to browse and find what is right for them. Every Subaru dealer is going to be welcoming and accommodating to your needs as a buyer.

Have you ever noticed the Subaru logo? The Subaru logo is a cluster of stars, and in fact, Subaru is the Japanese term for the Pleidas star cluster. Not only will you find stars on these extraordinary cars, but stars, or celebrities, have always endorsed such vehicles. The amount of times that a famous actor or singer has endorsed Chevy is unbelievable. Just to name a few artists that have done a name-drop for Chevrolet would be, Jay-Z, Kid Rock, Mariah Carey and many more. What else makes you want to drive a Chevy besides hearing your favorite artist sing about it and possibly be shooting their latest music video in one of these cars. New or used, Chevy car dealerships will be there to answer your every question about their vehicles and what will best fit your needs.

Is there really any question that going to used Chevy dealers could be your next best decision? And then why not cruise down the street to the Subaru car dealers. Of course, if you’re lucky, then both of these great vehicles will be at the same location. That’s why you should do your shopping for new and used vehicles at the local car dealerships in Rochester, NY. Get behind a great car and a great deal today with Chevy, and Subaru.

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