FIATs Triumphant Return to the US

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If you see a small, slick sports car flying down the road, it could be the new Alfa Romeo 4c. This new model is among the surge of Italian cars making its way back to the U.S. after a nearly 30 year hiatus. In the last few years the U.S. has seen an increase in Italian automobiles on roadways across the country. This is due in part to the return of FIAT, which brought with it a number of new, more affordable models to add to its Ferraris and Maseratis, which were already being sold in the U.S. before the Italian automaker’s return.

What Made FIAT Leave the U.S.?

FIAT was first introduced to the United States back in 1908, with the first plant opening in Poughkeepsie, NY. However, pressure from the first World War soon caused the plant to close. FIAT had a resurgence in the early 70s, but poor reliability and frequent issues earned the Italian brand a poor reputation. After sales declined significantly throughout the 70s and 80s, officials pulled FIAT operations out of the U.S. Despite leaving the United States with a reputation of poor quality, this didn’t stop the company from making a strong comeback.

When Did FIAT Return?

FIAT acquired shares of the Chrysler auto group back in 2009, regaining its foothold in the U.S. automobile industry. FIAT then made its resurgent comeback to the U.S. in 2011 with the introduction of the new FIAT 500. Since then the company has introduced a number of reliable and affordable cars, including the FIAT 500l, FIAT 500c, FIAT 500e and FIAT 500 Abarth.

What Can People Expect With Return of the Italian Automaker?

As the FIAT automobile company regains its footing in the U.S., people can expect to see more Italian vehicles on the road, including models for FIAT’s bran, Alfa Romeo.The first model of FIAT’s sportier car brand that hit the U.S. was the Alfa Romeo MiTo, followed by the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and most recently the Alfa Romeo 4c. To learn more, read this.

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