Finding The Best Car For Your Furry Friend

Family car

When shopping for a new or used car, one of the first things that families look for is space. Especially when you have a large family it’s important that you make sure you have room for groceries, camping equipment, sports or dance equipment, and of course your legs. SUVs are great for large families in particular. The 2016 GMC Arcadia, for instance, was named by as one of the top 10 best cars for large families.

However, while new car shoppers often have an idea of what to look for in a new family car, many often forget what they should be considering to make their new vehicle comfortable for their dogs. Here’s how you can find the best car for not just your human family, but your entire family:

  • Non-carpeted floors. Having carpet in your car can make cleaning up your dog’s hair difficult without the use of a compact vacuum cleaner. And in the event that your dog gets an upset stomach on the road, the carpet may be stained forever.
  • Rear air conditioning. During the summer, you never want to leave your dog in the car when the air conditioning isn’t on. Even if the window is rolled down, your dog could suffer from heat stroke. Therefore, something good to look for is air conditioning vents in the backseat to ensure that your furry friend has optimal comfort during the dog days.
  • A back door hatch. With one of these your dog can get in and out of the door extremely easily.
  • Childproof locks and windows. Dogs have the intelligence of a three-year-old child, which is surprisingly smart. So whether your dog intentionally or accidentally opens the the car door or window, it’s best to look for childproof locks on to keep them safe.
  • Fold-down rear seats. These kinds of seats, such as those in the GMC Arcadia, will give your dog extra room to move around in the back and will ensure that they don’t accidentally step or sit on something they shouldn’t be stepping or sitting on.

When it comes to car shopping, particularly for a family friendly SUV like the GMC Arcadia, it’s important not only to take into account the size of your family but also the size of your entire family. Your dog will be in your car more than you think: coming along on trips, going to the vet’s office, going to the park, etc. So it’s best to be prepared and to look for the kinds of cars that will not only make your kids happy, but also your furry friend.

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