Heavy Duty Towing Explained

Chuck Ceccarelli’s business mentioned in the video specializes in products for heavy duty truck towing. It is different from light and medium duty towing in a few ways. The first is the weight. The trucks involved in the heavy duty area of the towing business typically tow the heaviest vehicles.

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The weight of these is often 17,000 pounds or more. Secondly, heavy duty loads typically include vehicles such as dump trucks, semi-trailers, and tractors. Light and medium duty tow trucks tend to tow vehicles from the size of Volkswagon beetles to RVs and motorhomes

Also, tow trucks involved in the heavy duty area of work are equipped with certain equipment and abilities. Typical pieces of equipment for this vehicle include a 6-ton wheel lift and a 25-ton boom lift. These are not required for trucks of less demanding duties. These lesser trucks also don’t need a high amount of horsepower and torque. This level of carrying and pulling power will likely only be found in trucks involved with heavy duty truck towing. It is important that a heavy duty truck company uses the right kind of vehicle so that they can best carry out their work.

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