How Quality Industrial Textiles Can Lead to Positive Reviews

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Since the introduction of commercial flying, air travel has become one of the most utilized transits for long distances, thanks to its speed. Whether it be a business trip or family vacation, more and more people are turning to airlines to reach their destinations.

Currently, an average of eight million people fly every day. With so many passengers, maintaining the inside of a plane must be a regular and extensive routine, especially when it comes to the seats. Because some people may spend hours sitting on a plane depending on their destination, the comfort of a seat can have a huge impact on a passenger’s experience. And with the introduction of forums and review sites for consumers to comment on their experiences, making a flight a leisurely and pleasant experience has never been more important.

A recent poll taken by the travel website TripAdvisor, found that 30% of Americans reported that the biggest improvement an airline could make would be to make more comfortable seating. Some aspects of this could be resolved with different levels of cushioning, but the introduction of softer industrial textiles could also have a huge impact.

Some upholstery seat fabrics are made out of tough fake leathers or vinyls which, while they can hold up well against wear and tear, may not be the most pleasant nonwoven fabric to spend a few hours sitting on. More comfortable materials could lead to a substantial improvement in consumer experience.

Good quality industrial textiles can be especially important for travelers on business trips, considering their already heightened stress level. Back in 2012, 33% of all domestic business trips included air travel, while only 11% of leisure trips involved flying. Flights may be the only time some individuals traveling for business get to relax. If they’re relying on the flight to provide them with some rest and relaxation, uncomfortable seating may lead to negative reviews.

There are plenty of commercial fabric manufacturers that can offer industrial textiles that will be as sturdy as thicker materials with the comfort of high quality spunbond fabrics. With the presence of online review sites, positive user experience can now be the best publicity.

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