I LOVE Those Guys!!!

Car talk

I have a car. But I am not a car person. Wait. I should restate that. I did not used to be a car person. Until about five ears ago when my friend Dave insisted we listen to the Car talk radio show on NPR while on a road trip. It was awesome. I have no idea what the hosts look like but I can tell you I have a little crush on both of them. Okay, that is not true. I have huge massive crushes on both of them. Car Talk Radio kept me, a non car person, completely entranced throughout the drive.

The Car Talk podcast is educational, entertaining and positively hilarious. I have no idea how something as simple as the Car Talk podcast, a couple of guys answering questions about cars, could have be learning and laughing for that long. And the Car Talk podcast has kept the magic going over and over again with every show. They have made a car person out of me. And if I dare say, they have made a semi educated car person out of me. A semi educated car person with a couple big old crushes.

I am thrilled I have not had any car issues that required my calling in to the Car Talk podcast seeking answers. But I am kind of bummed that I never called in to the Car Talk podcast in general. It is with heavy heart that I share with you that the Car talk podcast will soon be no more. Not more than ten minutes ago I learned that the hosts of the Car Talk podcast are in fact retiring. I am happy for them but so so sad for us listeners.

I do wish them both a very happy retirement and for myself I wish to find two new guys to have a crush on.

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