Paintless Dent Removal VS Traditional Dent Removal

Vehicular accidents happen, both small and large, on a daily basis. Even the weather itself, like hail, can cause some unwanted damage almost always leaving dings and dents. If your car is not totaled and, hopefully, you get to drive away without any major damage, chances are your car will have a dent. It can be an ugly and unsightly blemish on your car, only made worse if it is brand new or you just drove it away from the car dealership. Thankfully, there are some methods to fixing those unsightly valleys and hills on your vehicle.

What is paintless dent removal? Paintless dent removal or paintless dent repair, known by its acronym ‘PDR,’ is a method in which a special tool is used to slowly and carefully push the dents on your vehicle. This method is known for its eco-friendly practice and, most importantly, its cost efficient way of repairing your vehicle back to its former self. Typically, it can take up to only about 100 small pushes to see the dent go from visible to completely gone.

The traditional method of repairing a dent is much in the same way a pothole on the road is fixed. With the traditional method a professional first matches the paint used to the paint of your car. When a paint has been chosen, the dent is then “filled” with its correct paint color. Like the aforementioned pothole analogy, a dent is filled like a pothole is. However, this does not address the issue. While the traditional method removes the dent from sight, the dent is unfortunately still there. Potholes, like the traditional dent repair, does not address the hole in the road. But worst of all, it can really harm your car’s resale value because the issue has not been fixed, only a “band-aid” has been applied.

Another benefit of paintless dent removal, or PDR, is having same-day service. This is an excellent, and convenient if you live in the same town and or city, to not only run errands but also have your car repaired in the same day. While on the other hand, the traditional method of repairing dents is a time-consuming endeavor. In the end, you will have spent less using the method of paintless dent removal rather than wasting your money on the traditional method of dent repair. On top of saving money, paintless dent removal also protects your vehicle’s resale value because the dent was not hidden but rather fixed.

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