Three Surprising Things Most Drivers Aren’t Watching for On the Road

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If you or anyone you know has driven a car ? and chances are you have, given the fact that the average American drives about 29.2 miles each day ? it’s more than likely you’ve heard the age-old adage to “keep your eyes on the road.”

And while these are certainly words of wisdom, the truth is that the things within a driver’s field of vision that aren’t the road are equally as important, if not more so. And not everyone learns this when they first learn to drive.

For more inexperienced drivers, especially teen drivers still enrolled in traffic lessons, failing to pay attention to everything in their line of sight while driving can sometimes be the difference between life and death. Knowing this, here’s a look at three things every driver should be paying attention to while they’re driving:

Road signs

It might seem obvious, but a surprising number of drivers forget to acknowledge road signs while they’re driving. Whether it’s absentmindedly forgetting to stop for a stop sign or something more serious, always pay attention to road signs when you’re driving.


As is the case with most things that could endanger one’s life, we often don’t think something will happen to us until it does. This is definitely the case with hitting an animal with your car. Drivers should always be alert for signs of animals on or near the road, particularly in rural areas. And it’s not just deer you should keep an eye out for ? there are many other types of animals that you should try to avoid hitting if possible.


These are technically part of the road, but you’d be shocked to learn how many people don’t watch out for potholes as well as they should. Potholes form after a winter of snow and ice on the roads, and driving over one can do some nasty damage to your vehicle. Proper traffic lessons will teach you how to identify and avoid these holes in the road, but they’re not hard to miss on your own.

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