Tired Of Driving Around A Dirty Car? Visit A Touchless Car Wash Station And Transform It

There’s nothing quite like driving a shiny, clean car.

It certainly looks good when you’re going out on a date and want to set a good impression! A messy car, whether we like it or not, reflects on us in a myriad of ways. It can make us look sloppy or just plain unfashionable. Likewise, a sleek car can set a good look for what’s to come. Winter isn’t a great time for clean cars — not with all the mud and snow everywhere — and a touchless car wash might be just what you need to keep on keeping on.

Let’s take a look at what a self service car wash should do for you.

First Impressions Are Formed Quickly And Last A Lifetime

This may sound like a recipe for disaster, but it’s actually a very useful metric based in psychology. If you only have a few seconds to achieve something great, you’ll definitely make the most of it! Psychological studies have found a first impression can be formed in seven seconds or less…with the possibility of lasting much longer than a second or third impression, even if they’re better. This extends not just to your fashion or haircut, but to your vehicle. What could a touchless car wash do to improve yours?

Just Because A Car Is Used Doesn’t Mean It Should Look Used

From a brand new model that came out last year to a used car that’s gone through three previous owners, the touchless car wash will bring out its potential. It’s designed to get through every crack and crevice, making your vehicle look like it just rolled out of the auto dealership. Nearly 40 gallons of water are used for each car that’s washed. According to a yearly survey provided by the Professional Carwashing And Detailing association, sealer wax is the most common feature in car wash establishment’s packages. Over 80% of car washes offer it alongside dashboard cleaning and glass cleaning!

The Car Wash Industry Is Doing Pretty Darn Well Lately

You can already see the car wash industry is doing pretty well. It’s industry annual revenue (including gas purchases) has hit nearly $50 billion. In fact, its ongoing growth has shown it washes 2% more vehicles each subsequent year. Industry projections are expecting the revenue of car washes in the United States to amount to $9,900 million by 2022. Now’s a great time to figure out how you want your car to look in time for that job interview!

You Can Find Other Resources At A Car Wash Facility

What else can you get at car wash locations aside from a classic scrub? As touched on above, you can also apply for a glass cleaning session to leave your windows sparkling. A hot wax session can give your car an extra coat of sheen and dashboard cleaning is useful if you’ve been noticing a little too much dirt and dust. The last 15 years have seen a nearly 70% increase in vehicle owners using car wash facilities. Could 2019 be your year to become a car vacuum and touchless car wash guru?

A Car Wash Should Leave You Feeling Brand New

The function of a good car wash is to leave both you and your vehicle feeling brand spanking new. You can look into a drive through car wash if you’re in a hurry or a self service car wash for the more thorough sessions. According to data provided by the United States Census Bureau Americans spend nearly $6 billion every year at car wash facilities. An impressive 65% of them also dispense gasoline. Who says you can’t have it all?

Get rid of that mud splatter and get back your old you. Visit a touchless car wash facility this week and see how much better you and your car can feel.

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