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Have You Always Dreamed of Owning a Cobra Kit Car?

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Road and track

It might be something that runs in the family. The car gene. Your 13 year old twins embraced the idea of working on the jeep and the bronco. Now that they are just turning 15, they are pretty excited to drive their “projects.” You bought both of the vehicles because they had good bodies and now the three of you are working together to rebuild the engines, fix the rust, and clean repair, and replac the interior upholstery. Who knows? Maybe both your son and daughter will develop your love for cars and collecting them. You have started them on something simple, something less expensive. With any luck they will be making money of their own before the reach your level of addiction to classic car collection.
One of the most popular cars among classic car collectors is the Cobra car kit. Carroll Shelby built 654

5 Easy Fixes to Keep Your Mercedes In Tip-Top Shape

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Mercedes benz parts international shipping

If you’re among the lucky percentage of the population that can afford a Mercedes-Benz, congratulations! They’re becoming an increasingly popular brand, as shown by sales volume reports in 2013. In the United States, it achieved the highest sales volume in history, with over 300,000 vehicles sold in one year. Given such an investment of your money, you’ll want to make sure that your Mercedes is running properly, which requires regular maintenance. In some cases, you may need to purchase new parts, since they can be unique to certain engine or transmission pairings. Mercedes Benz used parts can be a cost-effective and quality purchas

Save Time and Order OEM Parts Online

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Mopar jeep parts

Are you the type of guy who loves your vehicle? Maybe you’re constantly looking for the latest in gear, parts, and specifications. Maybe you just love spending your free time doing maintenance on your truck or jeep. If so, that’s not only awesome – it’s smart! Did you know that in terms of money, not performing preventive maintenance costs over 2 billion dollars each year? Here’s what you need to know for your future projects:

1. Buying Parts Online - Whether you are looking for Dodge Ram parts, mopar jeep parts, or Chrysler parts you are probably looking for the original equipment manufacturer or “OEM” parts. The good news is that now you can get those Continue Reading No Comments

How Long Does a Hybrid Vehicle Battery Last For?

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Honda insight battery

A growing consciousness of the availability of fossil fuels, coupled with a desire for more eco-friendly vehicles has produced some of the most efficient hybrid vehicles to date. Hybrid vehicles run off of gasoline but also use hybrid batteries to conserve fuel and reduce harmful emissions. It is estimated that 2012 saw around 4,500,000 hybrid vehicles sold worldwide with 2,180,000 vehicles being sold in the United States alone. For those on the fence, here are two of the strongest reasons to switch to a hybrid vehicle.

A More Economical Alternative

Naturally, those who invest in a hybrid vehicle can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on gas every year. There are also other economic incentives for buying a hybrid vehicle; in the United States hybrid drivers save up

Moving House? Move Your Car Too, With Car Moving Companies!

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Phoenix car hauling

Did you ever wonder how cars move from manufacturing plants to car dealerships? Or how your car gets to you after you’ve bought it online? The vehicles are actually transported using car moving companies. If you’re considering moving a considerable distance (from coast to coast, say, or far enough that driving there doesn’t make a great deal of sense), car moving companies can be a great option for getting your vehicle to your new place without any hassle on your end. (In some cases, moving companies may own or partner with a car moving company, so you can have everything shipped at once.) Why not simplify an already complex process a little for yourself?
The Internet and Car Moving Companies
If you’ve

Hose Clamps A Do-It-Yourself Dream, If you Know What You’re Doing

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Black hose clamp

Large hose clamps are a valuable component for installation or repair of automotive hoses or home plumbing systems. They are typically used for moderate pressure connections where liquid or air can escape, and are fairly adjustable to be as useful as possible. Large hose clamps have been around for a long time, invented in 1921 by Lumley Robinson, a Royal Navy Commander.

There are different types of hose clamps in a variety of sizes and materials, but their main function is to seal a hose into a fitting. Small and mini hose clamps are generally used for automotive Continue Reading No Comments

3 Reasons to Consider Coach Bus Travel

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Charter bus company

When you decide to take a trip, it becomes quickly evident that there are numerous options for transportation. To you drive on your own, and deal with all of the worry with that, or is there a better option? Looking into a motorcoach trip can be beneficial in numerous ways. Read on for just a few advantages of choosing this method of transportation!


Coaches are incredibly comfortable, and provide many options that you simply don’t have when you drive on your own. You could read, do some work, etc. Whatever you want to do, you’re free to do it. You can even take overnight buses and sleep on the way to your destination! This can be incredibly helpful, and can allow you time to get prepared before you reach your final destination. That way, once you get to where you’re goi

Looking for Genuine Dodge Parts? Check with an OEM Auto Retailer

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Mopar jeep parts

A Dodge vehicle is truly a work of automotive art, and it needs the right parts to function as well as possible. If your lax in your approach to maintenance and repairs, your mechanic could stick you with aftermarket parts that are low-quality and weren’t made for your vehicle.

To find genuine Dodge parts, you need to seek out an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) auto retailer who has the original equipment your car so desperately needs. An OEM supplier can provide you with genuine Dodge parts made specifically for your make and model, and finding these parts will go a long way in preserving the integrity of your vehicle. Here are just three of the many reasons that it’s so important to find a quality OEM retailer for genuine Dodge parts:

    Maintain your vehicle’s safety and performan

The Rise of The Ultralight Industrial Textile Industry What You Can Expect in the Air

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Marine fabric suppliers

With over 8 million people choosing to fly — to destinations around the world — every single day, the pressure on airlines to economize is palpable. Without sacrificing their quality of service, how do airlines remain competitive at the international level? Some commercial fabric manufacturers have taken the problem to heart, generating industrial textile solutions that are giving airlines more traction in the new global economy.

According to experts, about one-third of all airline flights are undertaken for business purposes, with over 450 million discrete trips recorded last year alone. Given concerns about passenger comfort and the necessity of attracting repeat business, some airlines have chosen

Are Shrinking Airplane Seats Really Killing Us?

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Nonwoven fabric

If it seems like airplane seats are getting smaller, it’s not your imagination. They are. The most common measurement of airplane seats is pitch– the distance from any point in one seat to the exact same point in the seat next to it. The average pitch on airplane seats in the 1970s was 35 inches, to 32-33 inches in the 1990s, and now to as little as 31 inches on some planes. Before you cancel your next vacation, here a few reasons that narrowing seat pitch isn’t all bad news:

  1. Seating technology has been streamlined.
    On modern planes, industrial textile manufacturers have developed seating suspension systems that cut down on extra bulk without ruining safety and comfort. Old airline seats required a bulky metal pan that was masked with layers of foam and heavy Continue Reading No Comments