Hose Clamps A Do-It-Yourself Dream, If you Know What You’re Doing

Black hose clamp

Large hose clamps are a valuable component for installation or repair of automotive hoses or home plumbing systems. They are typically used for moderate pressure connections where liquid or air can escape, and are fairly adjustable to be as useful as possible. Large hose clamps have been around for a long time, invented in 1921 by Lumley Robinson, a Royal Navy Commander.

There are different types of hose clamps in a variety of sizes and materials, but their main function is to seal a hose into a fitting. Small and mini hose clamps are generally used for automotive purposes while large hose clamps are used for home or industrial plumbing. These devices are adjustable and can be made from wire, silicone, stainless steal or plastic. They are available online or at a hardware store, though going to a hardware store can be beneficial if you require advice on how to use the clamp, and what type you should buy.

In addition to different materials there are also many types of large hose clamps, including worm gear, spring and wire. Since there are so many varieties, make sure you know what you are doing when attempting a home repair; the result of selecting the wrong size or improper use could be leaking liquid or gas from inside the pipe. One very important tip is that in order to assure a proper connection with the clamp, all surface areas must be clean and free of nicks or scratches. Also remember that in case of an emergency leak that needs only a temporary solution, a screw hose clamp can be used.

There are many online tutorials on how to use hose clamps and this can be a great resource. Many people attempt do-it-yourself fixes involving hose clamps, because they are so adaptable and are useful for many types of repairs.

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