Moving House? Move Your Car Too, With Car Moving Companies!

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Did you ever wonder how cars move from manufacturing plants to car dealerships? Or how your car gets to you after you’ve bought it online? The vehicles are actually transported using car moving companies. If you’re considering moving a considerable distance (from coast to coast, say, or far enough that driving there doesn’t make a great deal of sense), car moving companies can be a great option for getting your vehicle to your new place without any hassle on your end. (In some cases, moving companies may own or partner with a car moving company, so you can have everything shipped at once.) Why not simplify an already complex process a little for yourself?
The Internet and Car Moving Companies
If you’ve bought a car over the Internet recently, you’re not alone. Around 15 million vehicles get bought and sold online using websites like Ebay,, and more. Consumers have also found that researching their intended car online before buying is a great way to scope out other options, compare prices and safety ratings, and decide if that’s the vehicle they really want. Almost 95% of people looking to buy a new car have checked it out online first and almost 35% of those people would buy the car online. So what does that mean for car shipping? Mostly good news — it means more business for them. After all, if you buy a car online, it might be coming from a geographic area very far from your house. That’s where auto shippers come in.
What Should I Know About Car Moving Companies?
Shipping your vehicle using car moving companies is generally cheaper and causes less hassle than trying to do it yourself. For some perspective, let’s look at two sample costs.
From Houston to Chicago (a little under 1,100 miles) the estimated cost would be around $550. And from coast to coast (say New York to San Francisco), it would be only about $1,000. Not so bad, right?
Now, naturally, costs do depend on the season you’re choosing to have things shipped in. While many costs go up during the summer because of tourism, car shipping rates are actually cheaper by about $200 to $300. This is probably because driving conditions are less hazardous and the companies are less worried about elements damaging the vehicles and the safety of their drivers.
You can also get enclosed shipping or open shipping — if you’re moving a very expensive car or truck, you may want to get enclosed shipping (which will cost extra). If you’re not going a long distance or are not too worried about it, open shipping is also a safe method as well.
Lastly, if you’re moving goods with your car, check with your moving company to see if you can store extra goods in your car. Usually they’ll advise you not to, but occasionally will let you store an extra 50 to 100 pounds of goods in the vehicle they’re transporting.
If you’ve never utilized a car moving company but think you might have need to, check out some website online. You can get a good feel for their services and reviews.

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