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How Hose Clamps Help

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Nas clamps

Stainless hose clamps are the long-term version of a zip tie or length of duct tape in pipe fittings. They are used when a pipe needs to have a very tight seal onto a barb or nipple. While very commonly used in automotive and household projects, stainless hose clamps are not found where pipes contain high pressured liquids or gases; they are best for moderate pressured hoses. Stainless hose clamps are easy to use and are more professional than a makeshift seal.

If you have not had cause to handle any hose clamps before, the types of hose clamps may seem confusing at first glance. There are heavy duty hose clamps, Continue Reading No Comments

Tough Emissions States Relax Car Kit Testing Procedures but Institute Annual Quotas

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Road and track

Although licensing requirements for kit cars and replica roadsters can vary somewhat by state, American drivers tend to have a much easier time putting their upgraded chassis on the road. With the rise of authentic replication car kits designed to pay homage to the era of the muscle car, some drivers may find that they need to retain manufacturer’s certificates of origin as well as receipts for purchase of body panels and other kit parts.

In general, when a factory-produced chassis is upgraded with a certified and licensed car kit, local motor vehicle offices can test and register it in a more timely fashion. When car repair enthusiasts utilize a custom chassis, however, the licensing process can be a bit more time

Snow Pushers A Winter Full of Profit

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Snow pusher

Snow removal is a major industry in North America, and understandably since 63.4% of the land was covered with snow at the beginning of March, 2015. Canada spends an estimated $1 billion annually to remove snow, so that people can keep going to school, to their jobs, and the economy can keep running relatively as normal. This is crucial in the U.S. as well, as several states including Alaska, Colorado and Utah experience up to eight feet of snow in a season.

Snow pushers are ideal for dealing with snow that prevents businesses from being open, such as mall parking lots and airports. New York City spent $11 million in 2011 specifically on snow removal from private companies, so if this is your business, you should have the best equipment to make the most profit. New York City estimates that a snow related shut

Golf Carts For More than Just Golfing

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Golf cart

Golf carts are pretty unique vehicles. With top speeds ranging from 15 to 25 miles per hour, these compact, often electric-powered machines are a staple of golf courses everywhere, but can be modified and adapted for other uses. In fact, there is a growing community in the U.S. of individuals who repurpose pre owned golf carts. And speaking of golf cart communities, Florida in particular is filled with people (mostly retirees) who get around in golf carts.

Pre Owned Golf Carts: Modifying Mania

If you want to see pure creativity in action, look no further than the several ways in which people have turned a simple golf cart into something completely unexpected and fully functional. Some have transformed their golf cart into a powerful vehicle that can traverse shallow water and large rocks. Others choos

How A Simple Window Tinting Could Save A Life

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Headlight restoration

If you spend a lot of time in your car, you know how hot the sun can make the inside of your car. But have you ever considered what those rays might be doing to your skin as well? In addition to being dangerous for your skin, the glare of the sun can also cause many accidents on the road. For this reason, many drivers who spend a lot of time in their car and on the road invest in window tinting. For cars with a car wrap that promote a business, it can also be a good way to keep people from peering in or to keep the advertising a little more anonymous.
Why Should I Look Into A Window Tinting Service Or a Car Wrap?
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