Snow Pushers A Winter Full of Profit

Snow pusher

Snow removal is a major industry in North America, and understandably since 63.4% of the land was covered with snow at the beginning of March, 2015. Canada spends an estimated $1 billion annually to remove snow, so that people can keep going to school, to their jobs, and the economy can keep running relatively as normal. This is crucial in the U.S. as well, as several states including Alaska, Colorado and Utah experience up to eight feet of snow in a season.

Snow pushers are ideal for dealing with snow that prevents businesses from being open, such as mall parking lots and airports. New York City spent $11 million in 2011 specifically on snow removal from private companies, so if this is your business, you should have the best equipment to make the most profit. New York City estimates that a snow related shut down can result in $700 million in lost revenue in a single day, so expedient snow removal is in their best interest.

A new snow pusher for sale can get you ready for the unpredictability of winter weather, and the different types include angled snow pusher, bobcat snow pusher and steel snow pusher. There is also a V plow, which is different from a pusher and is mostly used to cut snow cleanly off of city sidewalks. Plows move snow off of surfaces, while pushers have the ability to relocate snow in order to get it out of city areas where is interferes greatly with business.

There are a few specific maintenance tips for snow pushers, such as replacing the cutting edge when it is worn and can no longer be adjusted. Be sure you know how to tighten the bolts that keep the cutting edge in place, and maybe try a bucket clamp if you haven’t before. If you are in a private company and find a snow pusher for sale, it can be a great opportunity to increase your snow removal business. Snow pushers can increase snow removal capabilities by 500% and can also be used in the off season to move other light materials.

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