Golf Carts For More than Just Golfing

Golf cart

Golf carts are pretty unique vehicles. With top speeds ranging from 15 to 25 miles per hour, these compact, often electric-powered machines are a staple of golf courses everywhere, but can be modified and adapted for other uses. In fact, there is a growing community in the U.S. of individuals who repurpose pre owned golf carts. And speaking of golf cart communities, Florida in particular is filled with people (mostly retirees) who get around in golf carts.

Pre Owned Golf Carts: Modifying Mania

If you want to see pure creativity in action, look no further than the several ways in which people have turned a simple golf cart into something completely unexpected and fully functional. Some have transformed their golf cart into a powerful vehicle that can traverse shallow water and large rocks. Others choose fashion over function and redesign their golf cart in clever ways, like making it resemble a Ferrari or Cadillac.

Gas engine golf carts are another growing trend, in which people install a car engine in their golf cart (traditional golf carts run on electricity). However, if one does this and the golf cart can reach speeds of 20 miles per hour and beyond, it legally must be treated the same as any other motor vehicle. Maybe the term “golf car” is more suiting.

Getting Around in Golf Carts

Many of us are familiar with the standard use of golf carts. The word “golf” is built right in, after all. But these compact vehicles can be used for more than just getting to the green with ease.

Florida is well known for its tourist locations, beaches, and palm trees, but perhaps it should also be known for its abundance of golf carts. One of the largest retirement communities in Florida, The Villages, which is over 32 square miles (83 square kilometers), contains over 70,000 residents. How do most of these people get around this large community? They use golf carts, of course! In fact, The Villages has an entire golf cart trail system which spans about 100 miles. The small size and moderate speeds of these vehicles makes travel easy, safe, and fun in a place like The Villages.

So, if you’re into modifying vehicles, or if you’re looking to move to a place like The Villages, it might be time to buy a golf cart. You may even decide to take some swinging lessons while you’re at it!

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