Hose Clamps A Do-It-Yourself Dream, If you Know What You’re Doing

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Black hose clamp

Large hose clamps are a valuable component for installation or repair of automotive hoses or home plumbing systems. They are typically used for moderate pressure connections where liquid or air can escape, and are fairly adjustable to be as useful as possible. Large hose clamps have been around for a long time, invented in 1921 by Lumley Robinson, a Royal Navy Commander.

There are different types of hose clamps in a variety of sizes and materials, but their main function is to seal a hose into a fitting. Small and mini hose clamps are generally used for automotive Continue Reading No Comments

Three Helpful Types of Hose Clamps

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Heavy duty hose clamps stainless steel

Did you know that the first hose clamp was invented in 1921? Hose clamps are designed to seal hoses onto barbs and nipples, and this helps ensure a tight seal between the hoses and their fittings. Fortunately, some hose clamps also serve alternate purposes, and this is beneficial because there are a variety of different hose clamps available.

1. Spring. These devices consist of spring steel, and they contain tabs that must be pressed together in order to adjust the diameter of the ring. Spring hose clamps are commonly used in applications where typical clamps would not normally work, such as at narrow and inaccessible angles. As a result, spring