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Three Things to Keep in Mind When You’re Buying a Hybrid Car

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Since they’ve been on the American market for about 15 years now, its a really good time to buy a hybrid. The technology has advanced enough that they are more reliable, better performing, and longer lasting. Additionally, they still offer unrivaled fuel economy, and hybrid owners can even sometimes get tax incentives for buying one. Here are a few things you need to know when you’re shopping for a hybrid car.

1. Know the Engine
The first thing you need to know about your potential hybrid is what kind of engine it has. There are actually a few different kinds of Continue Reading No Comments

Three Reasons Hybrids Are More Mainstream

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Owning a hybrid isn’t just for hippies and yuppies anymore. Though when they first emerged on the American market about 15 years ago most of the people who bought them were super environmentally aware or were just buying them since they were trendy, hybrid vehicles have become much more mainstream. In fact, over four and a half million of them were sold in 2012. Here are a few of the reasons hybrids are becoming a more favored option for American drivers.

1. Batteries Are Better Than Ever
One of people’s biggest concerns with buying a hybrid car was the prospect of someday having to replace the hybrid battery. Hybrid car batteries generally hav

Valiant Valets Supply Solutions for a Paucity of Parking

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Valet parking services have been gaining popularity in recent years because businesses know that offering their customers parking solutions is an important step to building a solid customer base. Valet car services can increase a company’s star rating on websites such as Yelp and Google Reviews. Most companies hire valet parking services because there is a lack of parking in the area, and employing a parking management company adds an air of luxury to any event.

Other parking solutions have been proposed to deal with the problem of limited space in big cities, but none has been quite as succes

The Five Main Reasons the

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Drivers get nervous when the “check engine” light starts blinking, since it can mean anything from a low gas tank to repairs costing thousands of dollars. Even someone with an auto parts discount can’t escape the harsh reality of certain car repair expenses.
Try using the light as a means to stay ahead of car problems, however, and you might just extend the life of your vehicle. Often, the light is a warning sign about problems that can be avoided by keeping up with regular maintenance. While issues with brake pads, radiators, brake rotors and ball joints are all fairly common repairs, here are the five most common reasons your “check engine” light might come on. We’ve also included what you can

The Top 5 Chevy SUVs and Trucks of 2015

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Local subaru dealer rochester ny

There are local Chevy car dealerships in almost every town in America, and this auto giant has been around for years. Since 1912, Chevy car dealerships have sold more than 200 million cars and trucks. It’s hard to leave the house and not see a Chevy cruising down the road. With so many options available at local Chevy car dealerships, it can be difficult to choose which vehicle to buy. For anyone who is thinking of taking a trip to their local new Chevy dealers during 2015, here are some of the top trucks and SUVs produced by Chevy for the upcoming year.

    1. Chevy Colorado
    The 2015

Four Things To Keep in Mind When Preparing To Ship Your Car

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Sifting through tons of car shipping companies can be a stressful process, and knowing that you’ve chosen the best vehicle transport service can be difficult too. But when you’ve finally picked the best car shipping service for you, your work isn’t quite over yet. Specifically, there are a few things you need to remember when getting your car ready to be shipped:

  • Make sure it’s clean — inside and out! Removing valuable items is important, because your car could be changing hands a couple times during shipment and/or valuable items could shift around during the move. Additionally, cleaning the out